Mom's New Hack Has Kids Rushing To Do Chores

Scarlett Adler

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Sick of cleaning up after your little ones all the time? Thanks to this mom's hilarious hack, you may never have to again. A West Sussex mother has just come up with a binding contract that's bound to keep her kids (and yours) on top of their chores...

Katrina Neathey has been cleaning up after her kids for years on end, but reached her final straw recently, when mud was found on her new, $1500 carpet. Only a few weeks after completely renovating part of her home, she knew something had to change.

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So, the mom of three came up with a 'cleaning contract', something her kids were required to sign and oblige to. Requirements include making their beds, not bringing food in their rooms and emptying the dishwasher.

Failure to do so? For her two eldest kids, Hayden, 19 and Joshua, 18, they face a $5 fine for each offense. As for her youngest, Olivia, 13 her phone gets taken away.

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'They'd hide dirty clothes or plates at the back of their wardrobe. I've found milk bottles left to go off,' she reflected on their prior offenses. Luckily, her new plan has been pretty successful, only having to take away $26 off the kids so far.

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'It's making my life so much easier. I don't have to nag, which is great for everyone,' Mrs Neathey revealed.

Parents, take notes...