Mike Myers and Dana Carvey Reunite as Their 'Wayne's World' Characters in a Super Bowl Ad

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Wayne's World Super Bowl
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It's certainly been a while since the comedy Wayne's World was released, but the film's lead actors, Mike Myer and Dana Carvey are finally reuniting in an upcoming Super Bowl ad. This monumental sporting event has a way of bringing people together, and that's exactly what's happening with these two actors.

Wayne's World Super Bowl
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Myers and Carvey filmed a 60-second commercial for Uber Eats as their former characters, Wayne and Garth, from the 1992 comedy that initially stemmed from a Saturday Night Live sketch. The ad won't air until February 7th, but Uber Eats just released a 30-second teaser, making fans of the film feel a bit nostalgic.

"Hey, we're back, 2020 man that was a great year... NOT," said Myers during the video. "Yeah, it really sucked," Carvey added. Myers also gave fans something to look forward to, saying, "We just wanted to say we'll see you soon for the game, which for legal reasons cannot be named." The actors spoke a little more about the upcoming Super Bowl, and the teaser ended with the doorbell ringing, followed by an Uber Eats delivery bag sitting on the table.

Wayne's World Super Bowl
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In case you're not familiar with Wayne's World, it was a spinoff comedy film from an iconic SNL skit, where two best friends, Wayne and Garth, hosted a radio show about their passion for rock music. Other cast members included Tia Carrere, Rob Lowe, Chris Farley, and some more famous faces. Because of the film's success, a sequel, Wayne's World 2, was released in 1993, bringing even more laughs to the big screen.

Wayne's World Super Bowl
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In December of 2020, more than two decades later, the cast reunited for a virtual reunion hosted by Josh Gad. The actors reminisced on some of their favorite scenes from the movie, including the Bohemian Rhapsody car scene, one that many fans will never forget. So, whether or not you're a football fan, tune into Super Bowl LV on February 7th to catch Mike Myers and Dana Carvey back on screen together for the Uber Eats ad, rocking out as they did in Wayne's World.