Meet The 'Golf 'Mobile': Two Friends' Genius Creation


| LAST UPDATE 07/06/2021

By Scarlett Adler
YouTube via John Imrie

I think it's safe to say that golf isn't the wildest of sports, but two U.K teens have officially just upped the game. This week, YouTube blogger, John Imrie, and his pal, Kurt took to the media platform to share their latest creation: the golf 'mobile.

After a long Euro-trip, the friends initially transformed their wheels into a 'boy racer', making it look 'utterly repulsive'. They'd taken it around 12 countries in 11 days to film videos for their YouTube channel, as John explained. That's when the idea for a portable driving range hit them.

John Imrie
YouTube via John Imrie

"We took some golf clubs with us and were always looking for places to tee off from. This was when we came up with the genius - or ridiculous - idea to turn the little car into a driving range,' he told LadBible.

So how did two guys with zero mechanic experience get the job done? It "was a team effort. We have previously done a lot of work to this car and we are rapidly learning as we go a lot more than we knew before," Imrie revealed.

boy racer

Ironically enough, the two have revealed they don't even have much golf experience, but that doesn't make the feat any less genius. In fact, as you can imagine, their pimped-out ride has garnered lots of attention.

"We have had no issues in the car so far and everyone who we have met along the way has found the car hilarious,” said John. Well, folks, consider us inspired.

That being said, please, for the love of God: don't. try. this. at. home.