Meet Florida's Biggest Nightmare: The Grim Reaper

Scarlett Adler

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Sad And Useless via Instagram

Don't worry, he's not out to get you. In fact, this time, our favorite mythical villain is here to help us: In the form of a hilariously bizarre online appearance.

Meet Daniel Uhlfelder, a Santa Rosa Beach-based lawyer who's just plagued the Florida beaches to remind citizens to keep their distance.

"Today, I began touring Florida as the Grim Reaper to remind Floridians of the importance that we stay home and protect one another," Daniel explained on Twitter over the weekend.

As Florida begins to re-open its state beaches, not everyone is too thrilled about the noteworthy decision. In fact, if you ask Daniel? "It’s too soon."


That's why he's decided to jet off to the Sunshine State's pristine beaches, as he continues to spread his message in the most iconic of ways.

In fact, our witty lawyer's unapologetic deeds have deemed him a viral sensation, as his actions landed thousands of likes and reposts on the Twitter world.

And, well, whether you agree with him or not, you can't deny he's got one wicked sense of humor.