Man Uses Fortune Cookie To Win The Jackpot

Taran Underwood

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Have you ever gotten a fortune cookie and it's actually been accurate? Me neither. However, there are the rare few who have gotten a good glimpse of their future in the form of a cookie.

Charles W. Jackson, Jr. is a newfound millionaire and he claims that it's all because of a tasty dessert he received from his granddaughter.

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Charles W. comes from a small town in North Carolina. Like a true optimist, he entered the Powerball and Mega Millions lottery at every opportunity he could. However, he never picked his numbers at random.

A few years ago, his granddaughter gave him a fortune cookie which gave him the numbers he would never stop using as his lucky digits. For years, he entered the lottery with the same numbers but had no luck. He admits to sometimes changing the sixth digit but decided to trust his cookie's intuition.

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Charles is currently at the age of 66 and used to be a retailer at Raleigh in North Carolina. On a regular workday, it was time to check another suspected useless lottery ticket. When his eyes adjusted, he realized that his first five numbers were correct for the Powerball lottery!

That Tuesday, he drove up to his local lottery headquarters to claim his prize of what should've been $50 000. On the way there, he decided to double-check his ticket. He had to use Google since he doesn't watch TV news. It was then that everything changed, he couldn't believe his eyes.

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Charles looked at his ticket, looked back at the results and said: "Dang, I got them all". That's right, all six of his numbers matched. The chances of that happening are 1 in 292 million, so it's safe to say he owes his granddaughter a thank-you.

In an interview, Charles recalls on the moment he called his wife. “You ain’t going to believe this — I got it all,” he said excitedly. This took his prize from $50 000 to a whopping $344.6 million.

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After tax, Charles W. is left with $223 million. He chose the lump sum payment and the former retailer went home a rich man. He has since then retired and has big plans for his new fortune.

Charles has a few charities he wishes to give to. Following that, he wanted to give $1 million to his brother in order to “make good on a deal we made.” He also plans to take a trip to Vietnam with his wife but other than that, he doesn't have any other concrete plans.

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Charles is a humble man and doesn't want his winnings to go to his head. “I don’t know what to do with most of it,” he said. “I hope it don’t change me a lot. I’m going to try not to change my life. I’m still going to wear jeans. Maybe newer ones.”

He has also been actively helping others who have turned to him for help. He struggles to keep up with all those in need but does the best he can. Jackson would also like to help the St Jude Research Hospital in Charlotte, Shriners Hospitals for children and the Wounded Warrior Project, which helps sick veterans.

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This is the largest single ticket North Carolina has ever paid out. Charles is even more surprised by the situation than the rest of us. “You play to win,” said Jackson. “But you never really expect to win the whole dang pot.”

Well, there's no need for Charles to ever play again and he has his granddaughter and a very accurate fortune cookie to thank.


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