Kristen Bell To Star in Netflix Comedy Series


| LAST UPDATE 03/05/2023

By Riley Hammond
kristen bell erin foster comedy
Instagram via @kristenanniebell

Well, well, well, comedy lovers - do we have some truly exciting news for you! The one and only Kristen Bell is back in the spotlight once again with another religious comedy series that is sure to have us all in stitches. The beloved actress has teamed up with the talented Erin Foster for a brand new show on Netflix that is currently without an official title. And let us tell you, this collaboration has got us all buzzing with anticipation! Here's a look.

But before we dive into the juicy details of this exciting project, allow us to take a moment to properly introduce you to Erin Foster. This creative dynamo has worked on some truly impressive projects over the years, including NBC's The New Normal and co-creating the wildly popular dating app Bumble alongside her sister Sara. With such an impressive track record in the entertainment industry, it's clear that she brings a wealth of talent and experience to any project she works on. Originally titled Shiksa (which is a Yiddish term for a non-Jewish woman), this upcoming series is currently undergoing some changes and will now "loosely" follow Erin Foster's life experiences. According to Deadline, the show will center around an unlikely relationship between Kristen Bell's character - an irreverent agnostic woman - and an unorthodox rabbi. Talk about intriguing! We absolutely cannot wait to see how their relationship develops over the course of the show.

Kristen Bell Netflix Comedy
Instagram via @kristenanniebell
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And let us not forget about Steven Levitan from Modern Family, who will be co-executive producing this project alongside Kristin Bell herself. With his extensive experience in television production and her natural comedic timing and acting chops, we're sure they'll be bringing their A-game to this new venture and creating something truly special.

All in all, we're bursting with excitement for what promises to be one of Netflix's most entertaining offerings yet. Will Kristen Bell and her unconventional rabbi partner-in-crime get into trouble? Embark on wild adventures together? Only time will tell! But one thing is for certain - we'll be eagerly glued to our screens as we await each new episode of what promises to be a hilarious journey through faith, friendship, and finding oneself. Stay tuned.

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