Kids Are Making College Decision Reveal Videos

Taran Underwood

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In just the latest example of how good kids these days may in fact have it, we have a shocking investigation by The Cut into the phenomenon of college decision reveal videos. These are YouTube videos of kids revealing what college they've decided to attend, and the best ones usually involve cupcakes or some kind of baked good.

This video from YouTuber Emma Monden is one of the most viewed of the genre, and spoiler alert: she doesn't eat a single cupcake in it. What happens to the cupcakes?? Do they end up in the trash??? I will call the police.

The trend appears to have been inspired two years ago by a seemingly nice young lady named Hannah Spurr. Hannah made a cupcake reveal video -- the only video on her YouTube account by the way -- which she says is "for friends and family." As of right now her video has over 900,000 views, so we can safely assume her family is huge.

And no, before you say anything, she also doesn't eat any of the cupcakes. At least not on video. One hopes-- nay, prays --that her whole family dug in once the video cuts out, but honestly who knows whether any of these people appreciate the bounty that lays before them.

Meanwhile, YouTuber SydneyKate took this whole cupcake reveal concept to an entirely new level.

This entire video is an avant guard, boundary pushing work of art that asks us to grapple with what a cupcake reveal video even is. Instead of merely placing logos on different cupcakes, she bakes the letters of her chosen school's name into each cupcake. Bonus: she is seen taking a bite of at least one aforementioned cupcake. So now we only have five cupcakes whose fates lay in question.

Now we're getting back to basics with this video from YouTuber (everyone's a YouTuber, obviously) ItsMelexie. This one is classic, yet stressful, because it involves the most cupcakes by far, none of which are eaten in the video. Is it time for colleges to start considering how letting one student into this many schools impacts the environment... of cupcakes?

This video turns the format on its head, forgoing cupcakes altogether in favor of two large normal cakes. One for family and one for friends. Video creator Kevin Sandler, who definitely gets points for including a hokey pokey dance with his dog, also doesn't show anyone eating any cake. But, there are enough people standing around these cakes that there's a good chance, just based on the laws of physics, that some if not all cake was consumed.

There's no cake in this one but the concept is solid. Marco reveals his college choice by removing a series of home-made college shirts. It's actually worth watching, however, for the running commentary from grandma: "We didn't want you to go there anyway!"

Taylor figured out how to get the color printer working. Taylor held a fake press conference for himself. Taylor takes this incredibly seriously. Taylor knows how to build suspense by eating a sandwich right before his announcement.

This one incorporates the parents, which is nice, since they're the ones whose reactions we really want to see. And this is definitely the most relaxed I've seen anyone be while opening what is essentially the biggest bill they'll ever pay.

This reveal definitely has the highest production value. This is evident not only from the editing, but from the sheer amount of officially licensed university gear that appears in this.

In the interest of painting a full picture here, let's acknowledge this college rejection video from Emma Monden, who made our first video up top. She was rejected from USC, where she actually really wanted to go, probably because she didn't think to photoshop herself into a crew team photo. Better luck next time!

Finally, as something of a grand finale. Here is the most epic of the college reveal videos we found:

If after watching this you're confused about where Jamal will actually be attending school, that's fine. This is actually just the trailer for his college decision reveal announcement. It isn't even the reveal itself! Hopefully that at least involves someone eating a cupcake.