Kenan Thompson Serves Laughs at 90s Con, Confirms ‘Good Burger 2’


| LAST UPDATE 03/19/2023

By Scarlett Adler
Kenan Thompson 90s Con
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On Saturday, March 18th, Kenan Thompson made a surprise appearance at 90s Con that had fans buzzing. When the All That panel featuring Kel Mitchell, Danny Tamberelli and Lori Beth Denberg began, it seemed like any other panel - until Thompson came bursting in like he was about to have a little Rocko's Modern Life moment! Crowds went wild as the 4 original cast members reunited and shared memories of their time on the show, with Thompson’s jokes keeping everyone laughing throughout. Here's a closer look.

Thompson's time at the All That panel during 90s Con did not go unnoticed! He offered exciting details regarding the upcoming movie Good Burger 2, which will begin production in May. The actor hilariously expressed his enthusiasm for getting the movie "done and out" so that all can enjoy it, adding that he looks forward to potential sequels 3-7 too! His wit delighted the crowd of hundreds as they await the highly anticipated comeback of Good Burger.

Kenan Thompson Upcoming Comedy
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When Thompson discussed Good Burger 2, one of the topics he touched on was the idea of bringing back some cast members from the original movie as well as including some new (albeit unlikely) cameos. While most of us wouldn't expect to see Harry Styles or Barack Obama in the sequel, that didn't stop Thompson from sharing his hearty endorsement for both. "I keep saying Harry Styles. I just feel like it would be a really big one, you know what I'm saying? One Direction!" Jokingly speculating on Sinbad's return and Obama's appearance, Thompson even threw out a few other 'traditional favorites' he'd be interested in featuring in Good Burger 2!

 President Barrack Obama Movie
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Good Burger 2 is set to debut later this year and will leave audiences with a dose of nostalgia - and lots of laughter. It will follow original characters Dexter Reed (Thompson) and Ed (Mitchell), 2 former high school friends given an unexpected reunion at their old favorite fast-food joint, "Good Burger." Taking the classic premise of "reuniting the gang" to a comical new level, we can expect a wild crew of outlandish employees dishing out the laughs throughout the movie! Until then, stay tuned for more updates.

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