Jimmy Fallon Is Trending Online for a Hilarious Reason


| LAST UPDATE 09/05/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
Jimmy Fallon Viral VMAs
John Shearer via Getty Images

Most viewers are used to seeing Jimmy Fallon sitting behind his late-night desk, suited up, ready to host his latest guest. But, after Fallon hosted the 2022 VMAs, he quickly became the top trending name on Twitter mid-award show. Viewers were taken by surprise and could not get enough of Jimmy's new look. Here's the hilarious reason why he went viral. 

The talk show host presented himself on stage in more of a chilled attire. He toned it down from his signature suit and tie for a white and orange Hawaiian-themed short-sleeved shirt with a pair of black pants. That's not all. Jimmy's facial hair also caught the attention of fans. The scruffed-up look with a grown-out beard was apparently very popular amongst the audience - who wondered whether this was meant to be a joke or if it was just Jimmy being Jimmy. Still, fans could not get enough of his new appearance. After one Twitter user questioned, "why do they keep panning to jimmy fallon?" the tweets came rolling in...

Jimmy Fallon Viral VMA
Jeff Kravitz for MTV/Paramount Global via Getty Images
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It turns out the fans found this new Fallon look extremely charming. Twitter users began screaming through their phone screens, while one fan tweeted, "JIMMY FALLON IS FINE !!! END OF DISCUSSION." If that wasn't enough validation, it was fairly humorous to see fans only just realizing Fallon's looks. Other users commented, "Why jimmy fallon at the vmas looking fine af hold up?" while another questioned, "why does jimmy fallon kinda look hot?" Other fellow tweeters commented, creating a Fallon thread. One user pointed out that it was "the tan, messy hair and the beard," while others were harsh, tweeting that he needed "to go home shower n shave before giving Harry an award." Still, we can only imagine how Jimmy handled all this thirst!

Although, it seemed fans were still confused as to why Fallon hosted the VMA's in the first place, calling it "the most random thing ever." Still, they didn't mind having him on the screen, especially when the camera kept cutting to him. One thing is for sure, with all this VMAs hype, we can only wonder if Fallon will return as a VMA host next year! Although fans were quick to become starry-eyed at the toned-down look, we are confident there won't be any complaints if he returns next time. Until then, stay tuned.

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