Jennifer Aniston Teases Return to Rom-Coms


| LAST UPDATE 06/12/2022

By Arianna Morgan
jennifer aniston movies interview
Mark Davis / Staff via Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston and Sebastian Stan together in a rom-com? Sign us up! During a recent appearance on Variety's Actors on Actors, the two Hollywood celebs playfully suggested that they would be interested in collaborating as co-leads in a future romantic comedy. We can only imagine the plot line of that film, and we are so here for it! Here's what they said.

During episode one of Season 16 of Variety's show, Actors on Actors, rom-com icon Jennifer Aniston had a conversation with Pam & Tommy lead, Sebastian Stan. The two actors discussed one another's careers, recent projects, and most excitingly, the potential of starring in a rom-com together! The Friends star has starred in a decent amount of unforgettable rom-coms during her time on-screen, from He's Just Not That Into You to The Break Up, so this would be right in her wheel house-to say the least.

Sebastian Stan Jennifer Aniston
VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images
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After the conversation drifted from the Marvel Universe, Stan stated one of his favorite movies of all time is none other than the classic 1999 rom-com, Notting Hill. "If I could live in Notting Hill, the movie, forever, I would," Stan told Aniston - and we totally get that. "There were a lot of those movies that were great," he gushed. After the subject was brought up, the two went on to discuss their love for the genre, and Aniston playfully asked Stan if he would want to make a rom-com with her. "Why do they have such a bad rap these days? 'Cause wouldn't it be fun to do one? Do you want to do it?" Aniston asked him. "I would do one in a second with you," Stan playfully replied. And now we can't stop thinking about it.

Although the interview didn't last much longer, Aniston proposed the movie be shot in New York City, to which Stan replied, "Yeah, that sounds great. They could probably write that very, very quickly." True. Aniston signed off on the deal, responding to Stan, "Great. We're gonna do a rom-com." She added, "So exciting. We're bringing them back." We hope someone picks up on this potential masterpiece of a film ASAP! Until then, stay tuned.

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