Is This the Best Dog Surprise Ever?

Taran Underwood

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It’s entirely possible that there isn’t a single being on Earth that appreciates a surprise as much as a dog. While humans have fully mixed reactions: from “Oh cool!” to “I hate surprises!”, dogs love surprises with their entire bodies. No surprise ever feels more worth it than when it’s for man’s best friend on four legs, who appreciate the gesture with everything they’ve got.

Recently, Twitter user Gillian Robles shared one such doggie surprise with the internet, and the world went about as crazy and a god who just got a new toy. She shared a video of her dog finding out the family was getting a new puppy and, well, the reaction was peak good doggo.

Other Twitter users were kind enough to narrate the dog's inner monologue, for those of us unable to telepathically link ourselves to these good boys.

Others were downright wistful for this pupper's enthusiastic welcoming of his sibling, and wished they could see this kind of warm reception in human life. If only.

Other doggos were even captivated by the video, though they didn't seem quite as excited about the puppy. Probably because they were consumed by jealousy.

And other users were literally tweeting over each other to ask for more excited dog content.

Luckily, this excited pup's owner was more than ready to deliver, giving eager Twitter fans an update on how the new friends were doing.

But the photo wasn't enough for some people.

Luckily, for anyone seeking to have their surprised doggo desire satiated, the internet has no shortage of perfectly overwhelmed pups. Who could forget the classic "dog who loved Gumby and then got to meet Gumby":

Meanwhile, one dog owning YouTuber has taken it upon themselves to repeatedly surprise their dog as different characters. Once as a kind of happy Pikachu Santa Claus for dogs:

And another time as a dancing eggplant, perhaps to teach the dogs about the importance of healthy eating?

But by far the best example of a dog enjoying a surprise are these rescue dogs who got a fun dose of close-up magic, and appeared to enjoy it. With the exception of the one dog who clearly thought this man was a witch:

Unfortunately, not all animals are dogs. And while they're just as lovable, they're extremely averse to the kinds of surprises a good ol' doggo might take in good fun. Like this bird who declared an emergency:

Birds can generally go either way with surprises, because they honestly just really hate being separated from their people, which is always a surprise to them because they are birds.

Cats notoriously hate surprises, because they're constantly on high alert. So the last thing they need is to have their worst fear, sentient cucumbers, come to life.

Meanwhile, a thing to know about cows is that they love a surprise. This is because cows are always bored. Cows live quiet lives so whenever something happens they can't help but excitedly go check it out:

There are a few other species of animals who love a good surprise. Here's an orangutang who just can't get over this very simple magic trick.

But the only thing better than a surprised monkey? Is a monkey surprise? Like in this video where a bunch of stoners get a visit from an unexpected lil guy:

And can we all pretend for just a minute that these ferrets really did get together to throw a surprise party for their special friend, who just so happens to be a raccoon?

Meanwhile, there are some animals you should never, ever surprise. For example kangaroos are accomplished boxers, so sneak up on them at your own risk, mate.

And ironically, surprising a tiger is slightly less dangerous, at least until the tiger comes back.

But now for one last moment of heartwarming sweetness, here's a dolphin absolutely loving this surprise visit from a gymnast.

Maybe we should be the ones performing for the dolphins?