Instagram Blogger Makes Millions From Selling Her Own Bath Water

Taran Underwood

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Instagram/ @belle.delphine

Is there anything that can't be sold over the internet? To be honest, I thought we would at least draw the line somewhere but apparently not, because Belle Delphine is making a killing from selling little jars of her own, used, bathwater.

Belle is only 19-years-old and already has over 4 million Instagram followers who are all lining up to get their hands on her new product. She's not the most conservative blogger out there but she definitely knows how to make quick money.

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Belle gained her fame by posting risqué phots, mostly influenced by Japanese anime, all while he maintains her silliness and her followers either love her or hate her for it.

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On the July 3rd, Belle announced to her 4 million followers that she would now be selling her own bath water. Even Belle herself laughed at her new business venture, but she encouraged her fans to get their hands on her latest product for only $30 a jar. The disclaimer on her website says “This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes.”

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You may find this hard to believe, but Belle's GamerGirl Bath Water sold out in just one day. Belle even managed to surprise herself with this outcome.

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The GamerGirl Bath Water became so popular and was in such high demand people were offering to resell the water on eBay. The highest bid went up to $15,000 before the site shut it down. Belle informed her fans that the eBay listing was apparently a hoax, as she had only sent one of her jars out and it was impossible for others to have her bath water just yet.

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Her website still says her bath water is totally sold out, so if you were dying to get your hands on a jar of used bath water, you'll have to get in line.

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In her next Instagram post, Belle asked her followers “What weird item do I sell NEXT?” There were a ton answers, and commenters encouraged her to sell some pretty creepy things, making the bath water almost seem normal.

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Well, there you have it, folks, there's no more need for supply and demand in the market place, all you need is some dirty bath water and a few followers on Instagram. It will be interesting to see what she sells next.