Hulu Shares First Look at Amy Schumer Comedy


| LAST UPDATE 02/11/2022

By Riley Hammond
amy schumer comedy hulu
Ethan Miller / Staff via Getty Images

Fans have waited too long for this one, but after several months we can finally say it's here! Hulu recently shared the trailer for the upcoming comedy series Life & Beth, starring Amy Schumer and Michael Cera. And we'd all better fasten our seatbelts for this one because it looks like Schumer's taking us all for quite a ride!

For the past several years, Amy Schumer's fans have come to know her as the comedian who can take any situation in her life and turn it into a hilarious memory. And apparently, her new Hulu comedy is no exception. The 10-episode series centers on some very personal struggles the comedian went through in her teenage years, including her parents' divorce, a bankruptcy, and a major injury she suffered. But the 40-year-old comedian took these painful moments and creatively turned them into the humorous scenes featured in the' trailer (below).

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Schumer's character, named Beth, takes us along with her on her journey to self-discovery, following a major incident that changed her whole life. Through flashbacks to her childhood, Beth tries to figure out what got her to where she is, and where she wants her life to go from there. Scenes from the trailer include nights out clubbing, where Beth asks her friends, "We're too old to be here, right?" Another hilarious moment features her on the phone following her breakup with her boyfriend, where she says, "We're both just being adults about it," as her ex-boyfriend is seen throwing a fit in the background. After looking back at a few decisions she realizes were mistakes, her character confesses, "I'm finally listening to my instincts, and I'm going for what I want." And we love to hear it!

amy schumer comedy hulu
Scott Legato / Contributor via Getty Images

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the award-winning comedian discussed the inspiration behind the comedy series. "You have to be really tough to survive that age," she explained. "We're so quick to try and move on and shake it off. These early traumas shape you and harden you." Well, she's not wrong. The comedy's ten episodes will debut on Hulu on March 18. Be sure to stay tuned for more comedy news!

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