'Hulk' Kangaroo Menacing Australian Citizens

Scarlett Adler

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Kangaroos, to those who've never encountered one, may seem rather pleasant - even 'cute'. But don't be fooled. This past week, citizens in a small Australian town fell victim to the mammal's wrath. And it wasn't pretty..

A 'hulk' like, 6 foot tall kangaroo, has been menacing a country town in Queensland's South Downs Region, leaving mayhem in its place. First, the violent marsupial came for a family's 3 decades old garden, scarfing down roses, a lemon tree, and just about everything in its path.

But its what the animal did next that left residents in utter fear.

[caption id="attachment_9578" align="alignnone" width="750"] Here's How Big These Kangaroos Can Be via EurasiaDiary/Facebook[/caption]

An elderly woman, as well as a New Zealand tourist, and a pub owner's wife, all fell victim to the ferocious being, resulting in gory injuries. After the kangaroo 'came from the back and...pushed down on her,' the 72 year old lady was 'really shaken up and bleeding all over,' eyewitness Kyran Sprott shared.

Luckily for the pub owner's wife, Mrs. Toy, an intervening customer managed to scare the animal off with a bar stool.

And as for the Kiwi traveler? The kangaroo apparently had its shoulders on the man, ready to kick him, when it was, too, scared away.

Thankfully, the hopping lunatic has since been tracked by local police. Regardless, it goes to show how deceiving these seemingly calm creatures can be. That being said, it'd definitely tread lightly if you ever come across one of these hell raisers...