Hilarious Duel Breaks Out in Nebraska Over the Name Josh


| LAST UPDATE 04/26/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Josh Swain, Fight, Viral
Twitter via @iaishison

You've heard of a fistfight - but how about a "Josh fight?" You read that right: A viral duel just broke out in Nebraska, raking in hundreds of troopers. Why? For the reigning title of, well, "Josh." You can't make this stuff up, folks...

Josh Swain, Fight, Facebook
Twitter via @joshswainaz

It all started back in April of 2020, when 22-year-old college student Josh Swain started a group chat on Facebook with 10 online strangers. Their names? Also, Josh. "You're probably wondering why I've gathered you here today," his mysterious post read. Well, why were they?

"We fight, whoever wins gets to keep the name, everyone else has to change their name," the student threatened. "You have a year to prepare, good luck." Sure, it was a playful joke caused by pandemic boredom. But the events that followed were all too real.

Josh Swain, Battle, Viral
Twitter via @joshswainaz

Fast forward (roughly) 365 days later, and here we are: On Saturday, April 24, Air Park in Lincoln, Nevada was officially the talk of the town as Josh (and Josh... and some more Joshes) gathered once and for all.

Well, did he take home the crown? Or does he now go by Joe Swain? The viral event kicked off with a heated game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" between Mr. Swain and another Swain from Omaha. Luckily, Josh Swain (OG Josh Swain) is still Josh Swain, after winning the grueling battle. Phew, talk about a close one.

Josh Swain, Fight, Nebraska
Twitter via @joshswainaz

As for the rest of our "Josh" fam? After Swain's sweet victory, the other hopefuls gathered on the grassy battleground for a pool noodle fight. Safe to say, what followed was a bloodbath. Only one victor made it out the same: A 5-year-old named (you guessed it) Josh, and his coronation (complete with a Burger King crown, of course) was truly a sight to be seen.

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Josh Fight, Swain, Facebook
Instagram via @dylanwidgerphoto

"I did not expect people to be as adamant about this as they are right now," our 22-year-old mastermind gushed of the charitable cause. Same, Josh, same. But then again, all odds are off when it comes to the internet, aren't they?

Stay tuned, who knows what other tricks our online friends have up their sleeves..