Health Experts Are Warning Against This New Beauty Trend


| LAST UPDATE 09/12/2022

By Scarlett Adler
Hindustan Times

We've heard of crazy things people have done in order to make their lips look bigger. We've seen terrible looking thick lip liner which just resulted in us having a bunch of clown-looking people on the loose, we've heard of the surgery where people put dermal fillers in their lips, the lip kits and there's even a cream which swells your lips, it feels like your face is on fire but you suffer for beauty right?

Then there was that whole epidemic called the 'Kylie Jenner challenge' where people would suck their lips into shot glasses or small containers to plump them up.

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Well, if we thought we've seen the craziest side of it, that was nothing. There is a new way to get those lush lips you've always wanted but, it's pretty much the weirdest trend to date and health experts are actually warning people to stay away from this.

The newest technique is to apply glue to the philtrum (the area of skin between the top lip and nose) and press your upper lip against the glue. There was a video posted on TikTok by user @chloehammock4, showing a tutorial on how to stick your upper lip to your philtrum. It was then shared many times on other social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. 

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In the video, it seems as though Chloe wasn't taking this seriously and did it as some sort of joke. She wasn't really taking this seriously, and her raised eyebrows towards the end of the clip imply she's not particularly convinced by what she herself just did. 

It wasn't long before many people began posting pictures of them doing the 'lip-glue challenge'. Most of the comments responding to this are people in shock that this trend has gone so far as to hundreds of people putting super glue on their faces.

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Healthline is now warning others that using super-glue on the skin is exceptionally dangerous. The statement read: "Trying to pull apart skin that has been super-glued can cause it to tear. In rare cases, this type of glue can also cause burns."

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You would think this goes without saying but, don't put glue on your face kids... seriously, what are you thinking?