HBO’s ‘Wild Life’ Reveals Star-Studded Cast


| LAST UPDATE 06/23/2022

By Lily Tipton
Izabella Alvarez wild life
David Livingston / Stringer via Getty Images

Things are getting wild at the HBO Max headquarters as they're bringing in all the stars for their latest single-camera teen comedy series, Wild Life! While it was previously reported that Euphoria star, Izabella Alvarez, would lead the cast as Ciara, who she would be leading, had yet to be revealed. Until now, that is. Finally, the streaming platform has announced who will be making up the ensemble-style cast. Here's who's who and what's what...

As first reported by Deadline, the nine series regulars will be Nadine Velazquez (Queens), Annie Funke (The Offer), Nabeel Muscatwalla (Good Trouble), Ava Lalezardeh (The Pursuit), Brielle Barbusca (Young Sheldon), Cyrus Arnold (Diary of a Wimpy Kid), Jessi Case (Mother's Day), Beau Minniear (Night at the Eagle Inn), and Chrystal Campbell. The show follows a group of teenagers being educated at an animal rescue center in the neighborhood as part of an 'alternative educational program.' The gang face all the usual social and emotional issues of people their age, but the setting in which they deal with them is more unique. Working together to help each other through the tough times and learning from the experiences with the animals, the show is set to have us laughing and crying with its comedic and heartwarming moments.

Nadine Velazquez, Wild Life
Michael Kovac via Getty Images for A+E Network
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The comedy angle of the show is likely to stem from the diverse personality types in the group. Velazquez will play Ciara's single mother, and Funke will take on the Animal Sanctuary program director role. Muscatwalla will be Ponzi, and Lalezarzadeh will portray Ally as a type-A competitive student in the program. Barbusca will play Teal, the clumsy and anxious member of the class. Arnold will play the gentle giant Hackett, and Case will be playing Ciara's childhood rival, Kaci. Campbell's character Kelz is the overconfident girl, while Minniear's character Nino is the high school bad boy.

Wild Life was written and produced by Jason Ubaldi, Chris Peterson, and Bryan Moore. All three men hold impressive resumes, with Peterson and Moore having worked on shows like That 70s Show and Lab Rats together. Ubaldi was behind the Hulu series, All Night. With this in mind, they've certainly proved they're up for the task - and we cannot wait to see the results. Stay tuned for a release date and more!

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