Graduate Sues University For Giving Him A Bad Grade

Taran Underwood

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Media Wales

A graduate is suing the University of South Wales for awarding him a bad grade. Umer Riaz, 33, tried to claim £200,000 in damages after he got a pass grade for his degree in 2016.

Mr Riaz, who comes from Pakistan, states he wasn't afforded the chance to continue his studies, to complete an honors degree instead of a pass grade.

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The claim was struck out of court in Cardiff, with the case being described as having 'no prospect of success'. But that hasn't swayed Umer, he is adamant he can take it to the UN. "I'm going to fight this even if I have to take it higher, even to the UN. I'm very, very keen that I take it as high as I can."

He added: "A pass doesn't mean anything to me. Having a pass degree is not going to help me to get anything.

"I wanted to do a PhD in organic chemistry. I was in my final year starting to apply for jobs in Europe, in the Middle East and do further studies.

"I had a couple of emails from Italy and Germany. They said were were impressed by my approach but unfortunately I do not have enough credits.

"If I had an honours degree I would have been smashing it. I would have been working in decent places like my other colleagues."

Umer must now pay thousands in legal fees, I wonder if he'll appeal?