It's Official! 'Girls Trip 2' is "Underway"


| LAST UPDATE 08/30/2022

By Scarlett Adler
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Michele K Short/Universal/Kobal/Shutterstock

Pack those bags, we're going on another trip. According to Girls Trip's producer, "our favorite crazy ladies" have got another adventure in the works. And you can bet it'll be nothing short of hilarious. From the cast's latest vacation destination to their voiced excitement, here's what we know so far. Keep scrolling.

It all started when Girls Trip's producer Will Packer sat down with Good Morning America to talk all things comedy. Including, of course, the hilarious 2017 film. "Can't we all use a post-pandemic trip, my friend? I think that the time is actually right, and this is something that I will tell you and break right now at GMA: the Girls Trip 2 sequel, we are underway," Packer revealed to host Michael Strahan. Oh, and don't you worry - our girls already have their passports ready!

girls trip comedy sequel
Michele K Short/Universal/Kobal/Shutterstock
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"We are absolutely in the stages, the ladies are in, I just talked to the director," Packer added. The only question now? "Where?" As the producer explained, things are looking slightly different nowadays: "now it's just about what kind of trip do we take, right? Post-pandemic with all our favorite crazy ladies, what do we do with them? That's what we got to figure out," he explained. Hey, Will, we've got a few ideas in mind. Until then, it seems our seasoned travelers are happy to help figure that one out...

In case you forgot, back in 2020, Tiffany Haddish revealed that she and her "Flossy Posse" have already been brainstorming their next Girls Trip. "Everybody's in, Everybody's down for No. 2 … so we're just waiting for a script," she revealed. "I've been throwing Rio [de Janeiro] from the beginning… definitely down with South Africa too," Queen Latifah added of bringing the party overseas. Safe to say, Brazil (or will it be Africa?) has no idea what's coming. But the truth is that no matter where our girls go, it's never a dull moment. Whether we'll be catching them jet-setting across the globe or just laying low in a quarantine cabin, we're in for a real treat here. Until then, stay tuned.

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