Girl Celebrates 18th Birthday In Pub...Where She Was Born


| LAST UPDATE 11/15/2022

By Scarlett Adler

For most of us, a local, or not-so-local hospital is where we were brought into this world. As for Isobel Casey? The Canadian teenager gets to call a remote pub in Cambridgeshire her birthplace. And she's just traveled around the globe to ring in her birthday at the place that started it all.

Back in 2002, Isobel's mom, Nicola was in the Mill House Restaurant, enjoying coffee with friends when the contractions began. "As we went to get in the car, her waters broke. We put a hand under each arm and carried her back into the pub," her husband, Neil revealed.

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Sure enough, they 'quickly called to get the fire doors to the kids' play area open, and they had to get all the children out,' before Nicola delivered baby Isobel by the ball pit.

Luckily, the bar's staff helped with the delivery and keeping everybody calm. Isobel was born, safely and healthy, and has now returned for her very first drink.

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After the family moved to Vancouver in 2006, the family vowed to return to the pub come her 18th birthday. "It was really lovely to be back. We were met by lots of friends who I haven't seen for a long time," Neil recalled.

“(Isobel) will have a pint of Green King IPA,” he joked. While the pub burned down a few years after Isobel's birth, the new establishment looks exactly how it did before.


The 18-year-old's strongly considering returning to her roots and attending university in the U.K, when the time comes. Her journey has officially come full circle, and we're glad to be a part of it...

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