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| LAST UPDATE 12/08/2021

By Molly Houghton
Amazon Holiday Gift List
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Holiday shopping: crowded malls, endless lines, and Christmas carols permanently stuck in your head. Just kidding - this is 2021, so you can obviously throw all of that out the window. And thanks to Amazon's latest little gadget, your online gift-buying just got even easier. Here's the scoop.

Amazon Christmas shopping, gifts
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The e-commerce site has us saying (again), "How did we ever live without them?" It's hard to think back to when we actually had to leave the house for every little thing rather than get them delivered right to our doorstep. And this holiday season, Amazon is upping the game once more with their Holiday Gift List feature that's making shopping easier. That way, you can spend more time Netflix and chilling with some hot cocoa and the Best Hallmark Christmas Movies. You can thank us later.

Amazon Holiday Shopping, gifts
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Amazon's Holiday Gift List is bringing the merry back to Christmas shopping. The feature allows users to create a gift list that will help save both time and money. Talk about a double-whammy. And the cherry on top? It helps guarantee no one will be crying under the tree - unless it's tears of joy, of course. "Make it easy for loved ones to find the perfect gift for everyone in your household with a shareable list of gift ideas," the site explains of its unique feature.

Amazon lovers can simply search for someone's name and find their holiday gift list online. So you can surprise your loved ones with something you're guaranteed they'll like! And, of course, you can put together your own list so that friends and family can do the same for you - and they better unless they want to get on Santa's naughty list.

Christmas Shopping Made Easy
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Amazon provides other features to make sure that the holidays stay magical by giving shoppers the option to know when something has been bought. Users can "Keep it a surprise" or choose to see which of their gift list items have been purchased. Plus, they keep track of who bought what gift and when, so you can send thank you notes after! This literally couldn't get any better.

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So run - don't walk - to your nearest computer, tablet, etc. and get your Holiday Gift List together. And if you need some inspiration, we got you covered with these Funny Christmas Gifts from Amazon or the Ugliest Christmas Sweaters around town.