Gender Reveal Parties Are Officially Out of Hand

Taran Underwood

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For some reason, at some point in the very recent past, new parents decided they weren't getting enough attention. First it was baby showers. Then it was pregnancy announcement photos. Now, we have to have a party for just about every stage of pregnancy.

Gender reveal parties are the latest addition to the list of things one must do before giving birth to a baby, and they're officially getting way out of hand. For those who don't know, a gender reveal party is basically some parents gathering all their friends together and then performing some kind of stunt to reveal what gender the baby will be to themselves and guests.

It might seem nice, but let's be honest: this is all about Instagram. The stunts done to reveal the baby's gender are usually filmed and posted to social media, encouraging people to try and stand out from the crowd by doing something really crazy. In this instance, a gender reveal party in Australia almost ended in a fiery death. Not just because that's a pretty typical way to go in Australia, but also because the father-to-be decided to reveal his future child's gender by rigging his car's wheels to emit blue smoke.

Unfortunately, as cool as this looks, it also proved to be really, really dangerous. According to authorities, the stunt was done on a public road where the smoke presented a major hazard to other drivers. But that wasn't the worst of it. Eventually, the car just kind of, well... bursts into flames.

That's right, flames. And while the driver and passenger quickly escaped the burning vehicle, as soon as the flames died down someone jumped back into the car to try to move it. Of course, because the car was on fire and is powered by gasoline, flames started spewing forth once again.

In a stroke of extreme luck, no one was injured or killed. The stunt probably made for one heck of a video, though Gold Coast firefighters are hoping it's the kind that warns people off ever doing this again.