Funniest Movie Lineup: Chris Tucker or Martin Lawrence?


| LAST UPDATE 06/18/2023

By Riley Hammond
Chris Tucker Martin Lawrence
Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff via Getty Images

Ladies, gentlemen, and comedy aficionados of all ages, it’s time for another Twitter debate to heat up our timelines. This time, we’re discussing which comedian has the funnier filmography under their belt: Chris Tucker or Martin Lawrence.

The question was posed on Twitter recently, and people have been sounding off ever since. The debate is so hot that it could cook an egg on the pavement on a scorching summer day! As expected, both actors have great movies to their names. Twitter users had a hard time deciding who had the funnier slate of films. But Chris Tucker's iconic movie roles in Friday, Money Talks, Rush Hour, and Rush Hour 2 left a lasting impression on many viewers. That being said, Martin Lawrence certainly gave him a run for his money with classics like Bad Boys, A Thin Line, Life, Blue Streak, and Big Momma's House. One Twitter user put it perfectly when they said, "Chris could probably do Blue Streak, but Martin probably couldn't have done Fifth Element as well or as uniquely as Chris did -- which seems fair." It's all about finding the right fit, folks!

Blue Streak Martin Lawrence
Blue Streak (1999) Columbia Pictures via IMDb
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Ultimately, this is a matter of personal taste. It depends on what tickles your funny bone and what makes you keel over in laughter. Sure, Chris may have some funnier films, but Martin's sitcom, Martin, puts him on a whole other level of greatness. Plus, he's got more comedy credits to his name than Chris does. Both comedians have somewhat fallen out of the spotlight in recent years, but they're not down for the count just yet. We know that Martin is currently filming Bad Boys 4 with Will Smith, while Chris Tucker might be teaming up with Jackie Chan for Rush Hour 4. It's great to know that we'll have new projects to look forward to.

At the end of the day, it's up to you, the viewer, to decide which comedian has the funnier slate of films. So, what do you think? Who would win in a Movie Verzuz in their prime – Chris Tucker or Martin Lawrence? Cast your vote and let us know!

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