Family Doppelganger Look Alike

29+ Folks Who Discovered Their Doppelgangers In Old Family Photos


| LAST UPDATE 05/17/2022

By Arianna Morgan

It's one thing to be a twin, but a completely different thing to look identical to a great-great-great relative! These people found their family doppelgangers, and the resemblances are uncanny.

Copy N Paste

This Twitter user went viral after uploading shots of her alongside her doppelganger! Shelby uploaded side-by-side images of her next to her grandma after she made herself identically match her grandma's looks!

Family Doppelganger Viral Picture Family Doppelganger Viral Picture
Twitter via @contrashelby

Shelby's uncanny resemblance to her beautiful grandmother went fully viral! "For the record… I did my makeup to match hers and added the lines under my eyes, so if I look very… not real (? Idk), it's because I added extra features with contour LOL," she admitted to her fans on Twitter.

Genes are Funny

Genes don't lie, that's for sure, and this Reddit user proved it to be true. "My maternal grandmother and me! Genes are funny," she wrote, with a side-by-side collage of her maternal grandmother on the left and her on the right. They look like twins!

Family Doppelganger Viral Resemblance Family Doppelganger Viral Resemblance
Reddit via u/Disastrous_Party_623

Genes are definitely funny; it's incredible how identical they look to one another. Through the Reddit thread, it was revealed her "grandmother is Syrian/Lebanese! Her husband, my grandfather, was Italian. My father is almost fully Irish." What a beautiful combination!

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AncestryDNA Discovery

Thanks to AncestryDNA, this Reddit user connected the dots all the way back to her great grandmother to find her doppelganger! The excited user uploaded the photo of her great grandmother (1894-1961) alongside an image of her, shocking users with how similar they look to one another!

Family Doppelganger Viral Resemblance Family Doppelganger Viral Resemblance
Reddit via u/Spiffy2252

Through her experience on AncestryDNA, she was able to connect to her fourth cousin, who then sent her the revealing photo, leaving her "shocked" by the resemblance. So thank you to AncestryDNA for helping this Reddit user make such an amazing discovery!

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Good Genes Run Deep

Some family genes are just stronger than others - and for this family, it looks like blood (and genetics) runs real deep! This Twitter user revealed his unbelievable look-alike with a side-by-side image of his and his grandfather, and wow, do they look similar.

Family Doppelganger Viral Picture Family Doppelganger Viral Picture
Twitter via @DB3TheOriginal

He uploaded the photo with the caption, "Just like me & my grandfather," and Twitter immediately jumped on the thread, making the connections. One user wrote, "WOW! Amazing," while another commented, "I just love how good genes stay through generations," and we can definitely agree!

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Italian Genes

Pointing out how similar they look, this Reddit user made a clear connection between his great grandfather and his father through one simple photo of the two of them. Reddit user u/alanasofly shared this side-by-side collage with the caption, "Genetics are CRAZY!"

Family Doppelganger Unbelievable Resemblance Family Doppelganger Unbelievable Resemblance
Reddit via u/alanasofly

Unfortunately, the Reddit user's father could never meet his Grandfather, but wrote, "it feels good to see he still lives through him, kind of!" As it turned out, the Reddit user had actually recreated the picture of his father and great-grandfather years ago before uploading it online, because it was just that good!

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Going Way Way Back

"The genes seem to run strong in my fiancé's family," one Reddit user uploaded with these very familiar faces attached to it! As the thread continued, it was discovered that the man in the painted photograph is actually his great-great uncle, not grandfather!

Family Doppelganger Unbelievable Resemblance Family Doppelganger Unbelievable Resemblance
Reddit via u/isbettermuchbetter

Regardless of the bloodline connection, the two are almost identical. Between the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and bone structure, the relatives look like they could even be brothers at that point! Not to mention, the hair part is almost the exact same…

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Like Mother Like Daughter

"Sister? Hallie, we're like twins!" Famous words by the legendary Lindsay Lohan from the 1998 classic film, The Parent Trap, which feels oddly applicable in this situation! This Reddit user uploaded an old photo of her mother cut right down the middle paired with a photo of her to show us how identical they are!

Family Doppelganger Unbelievable Resemblance Family Doppelganger Unbelievable Resemblance
Reddit via u/viooletchoo

Different eras but still rocking the same style, it looks like genetics run real deep in this family! From the same haircut, facial expression, and face shape, this mother and daughter duo seriously look like twins separated at birth! Talk about a Parent Trap moment!

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Joined at the Lip

Talk about seriously twinning! This Reddit user, u/rare27, uploaded a side-by-side collage with her paternal father - and instantly, we can see the resemblance between the two. "Welp, I know where my lips and nose come from," she teased, and now so do we!

Family Doppelganger Unbelievable Resemblance Family Doppelganger Unbelievable Resemblance
Reddit via u/rare27

However, even though she thought she knew where her genetics came from, she was surprised to find out that they actually came from the other side! "I always thought my lips were inherited from my maternal side, but these are paternal all the way!" she surprisingly wrote.

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Father-Daughter Duo

This Reddit user never really saw the resemblance between her and her father until a little later in life - but now that we're looking at it, we're wondering how she couldn't see it?! Her father was about 23 years old in the photo, and the two look like they could be siblings!

Family Doppelganger Unbelievable Resemblance Family Doppelganger Unbelievable Resemblance
Reddit via u/brittneyacook

"Growing up, I was always told that I was my dad's twin. I never really saw it until recently!" she wrote. "The older I get, I definitely resemble my mother more, but I definitely got most of my dad's features. My mom's side has very distinct features that I didn't get lol," she explained.

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That Strong Jawline

Despite the generational age gap, this photo proves yet again how wild genetics genuinely are! This Reddit user uploaded a side-by-side photo of himself and his maternal great-grandmother, proving he is the spitting image of her. We can't unsee it!

Family Doppelganger Viral Resemblance Family Doppelganger Viral Resemblance
Reddit via u/richardhandzhiev

"We're from Bulgaria, so I think it's mostly from the Slavic influence (the cheekbones and jaw) and, as the recent update states, a little part Norwegian." From the eye shape to the strong jawline, he really inherited his grandmother's looks, so now we're wondering how the rest of the family looks!

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Coming Full Circle

Talk about a spitting image! This mother-daughter duo looks identical; it's like we're looking at the same exact face! This Reddit user uploaded her doppelganger photograph of her on the right at age 27 next to her mother at age 21 on the left, leaving us in shock!

Ancestry DNA Family DoppelgangerAncestry DNA Family Doppelganger
Reddit via u/adreyjay

The Reddit user who uploaded the image later shared in the thread that she lost her mother in 2011 due to a "very long battle with Biopolar and... addiction." Her mother is why she decided to follow her career path and become a mental health person responder and crisis intervention officer.

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It Skipped a Generation

It looks like these two are twins, from the smile to the nose, the eyes, and the identical face structure! This Reddit user found her family doppelganger and created a side-by-side collage of her and her paternal grandfather, and now we can't unsee the uncanny similarities.

Ancestry DNA Family DoppelgangerAncestry DNA Family Doppelganger
Reddit via u/prideandprejudas

"When I showed my dad, he was like woah... looks like my dad but with a wig on. I have his ears and a mole in the same spot on the back. So funny to look like him more so than my own parents," she explained on Reddit. We get family resemblance, but even having a mole in the same spot is otherworldly!

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The Royal Bloodline

These two have almost an identical face structure - on top of sharing very similar features! This Reddit user uploaded the side-by-side collage of her and grandma Gigi, pointing out how similar their noses are, and we can definitely see how they're related!

Ancestry DNA Family DoppelgangerAncestry DNA Family Doppelganger
Reddit via u/paigedaly

Among all the comments from users praising how identical they look, one particular comment truly stuck out. One user wrote, grandma Gigi looks a bit like Princess Dianna, to which u/paigedaly commented back, saying, "We are actually distantly related through her family! Lol." Um, hello, is she for real?!

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506 Years Means Nothing!

Despite a few centuries between the two, it seems like genetics run deep in this family! This Reddit user traced back and found his 13th-great-grandfather to be his family doppelganger all the way back to 1059, and honestly, he hit the nail on the head. They look identical!

Ancestry DNA viral DoppelgangerAncestry DNA viral Doppelganger
Reddit via u/a_complex_kid

He uploaded the side-by-side collage of him and his distant paternal grandfather, showing off how similar they really do look! Despite the 506-year age gap, the two share very similar features making it hard to believe there is such a distant relationship between the two!

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DNA Does Not Lie

These two are basically sharing the same face; it's like looking at one person! According to the Reddit user who uploaded this side-by-side collage, his father on the left was born in the '60s, not knowing who his biological father was - and it turned out they were beyond identical!

Ancestry DNA Family DoppelgangerAncestry DNA Family Doppelganger
Reddit via u/caleighsky

This Reddit user bought his father a DNA test, which led him to find his father and find out he had passed away before they could connect. However, the photos they uncovered were unbelievable. "Am I the only one who thinks they could be twins?" he asked. And honestly, we totally see it!

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Elvis, Is That You?

Although the man on the right looks exactly like a young Elvis Presley, it is surprisingly not! Instead, it is this Reddit user's Great uncle, who clearly was a very good-looking man! u/The-Biggest-Boi3 uploaded this side-by-side collage pointing out the shot was from his Great uncle in WWII.

Ancestry DNA Family DoppelgangerAncestry DNA Family Doppelganger
Reddit via u/The-Biggest-Boi3

It seemed like the rest of Reddit agreed, as most of the comments point out how identical his great uncle looked like Elvis! What a compliment, right? Especially if he is his Great uncle's doppelganger, doesn't that mean he also looks like the King of Rock?

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Seeing Double

We're seeing a very strong resemblance here between this Reddit user and her great-great-aunt, despite her thinking they just "kind of look alike," according to her caption. It almost looks like her daughter instead of her niece because they look so similar!

Ancestry DNA Family DoppelgangerAncestry DNA Family Doppelganger
Reddit via u/LilChy

Everything from their facial features to their overall expression feels very similar despite their distant relationship, and it appears the Reddit followers agree! "I don't believe in reincarnation, but if I did… that's a VERY close resemblance!" one user commented.

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Seeing Triple

It's almost hard to understand what's going on here because these three men look so similar to one another! But as it turns it, there is just some incredibly strong genetics running through this family. And now we can't unsee their striking similarities.

Ancestry DNA Family DoppelgangerAncestry DNA Family Doppelganger
Reddit via u/tglg808

This Reddit user uploaded a side-by-side collage of his maternal grandfather after he graduated from school in 1938, followed by his great-grandfather in his early 20s about to get married in 1915. And lastly, his great-great-grandfather, in 1898 at 46. Talk about strong similarities!

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Eyebrows Apart

It's hard to ignore the blatant similarities between the men in these two photos! From the big smile to the cheekbones, their eye shape, and even their hairline, these two look identical. However, something a lot of Reddit users were quick to point out is their eyebrows.

Ancestry DNA Family DoppelgangerAncestry DNA Family Doppelganger
Reddit via u/MaximusWolf97

This Reddit user and his paternal grandfather share one face, but when it comes down to the brows, grandpa sported the full brow look. According to MaximusWolf97, his grandfather had "very thick dark eyebrows, and I got the lighter thinner eyebrows from my mom's side."

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Genealogy Connections

Through completing a DNA test and genealogy maps, this Reddit user found out quite a bit about her family's heritage and roots. Due to her research, she was able to find this photo of her great-grandmother and see precisely how similar they look and how wild their genetics are!

Ancestry DNA Viral DoppelgangerAncestry DNA Viral Doppelganger
Reddit via u/bubsthechamp

This side-by-side collage shows the Reddit user against her Norweigian great-grandmother, and at a further glance, the comparison is uncanny! However, according to her genetic tests, her Scandanavian roots are only 26% - but it must be a very strong 26% for them to look so alike!

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Grandma's Favorite

Apparently, this Twitter user grew up being told she looked like her father her whole life. Still, it wasn't until she stumbled upon this photo that she realized it was actually her paternal grandmother the whole time whom she looked so similar to!

Family Picture Viral DoppelgangerFamily Picture Viral Doppelganger
Twitter via @eevilabs

"I never understood why people said I look like my dad until we found this picture of my paternal grandma," she tweeted. The side-by-side is clear as crystal that she is her father's daughter! There's also something about a black and white photo that makes this all feel a lot more promising.

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Then and Now

It's unbelievable how alike some relatives look, despite how many generations apart they may be. It's also unbelievable how not alike some relatives look. However, this Reddit user is proving her family genetics are quite strong with how similar the women in these photographs look!

Family Look Alike DoppelgangerFamily Look Alike Doppelganger
Reddit via u/sexi_squidward

On the left is the great-great-great-grandmother of this Reddit user and on the right is the redditor's mother - and we can clearly tell they are related! It is amazing to see how styles have changed over time, from the slicked-back braids to the short bangs and funky makeup look in the 70s, we're guessing!

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A Spitting Image

Talk about a strong family lineage! This Redditor uploaded a side-by-side image of her and her grandfather, and the resemblance is strikingly apparent right away. Despite his stern stare, u/RandomName229 insisted that her grandfather was "the sweetest man!"

Family Look Alike DoppelgangerFamily Look Alike Doppelganger
Reddit via u/RandomName229

"He's from Croatia, from one of the coastal, historically Italian minority regions. Quite a few times in his life, people assumed he was Calabrian or Sicilian for some reason tho," according to the Reddit user. She joked that he is "definitely the family member I look like the most, just with a slightly different color scheme."

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It’s All in the Eyes

We can quickly tell this family has some strong genes based on these side-by-side images. The Reddit user who uploaded the photos wrote she mostly thinks that they have the same eyes, but we think (and Reddit thinks) it's more than just the eyes for these gals!

Family Viral Doppelganger PictureFamily Viral Doppelganger Picture
Reddit via u/skyrites

This Redditor is half Arab-Amazigh from her father's side and Italian-American from her mother's side. Although we don't have a photograph of her father, we sure are curious! Besides having the same eyes, fellow Redditors are commenting that they see the same nose and mouth as well.

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Jawline Genetics

Another Elvis Presley look-alike?! What's going on! It appears this Reddit user's grandfather is also a doppelganger with The King of Rock! (Kind of) User u/Honki2 uploaded the side-by-side collage of him and his grandfather, pointing out they "look very much alike," even if this picture "doesn't seem to represent it too well."

Family Viral Doppelganger TwitterFamily Viral Doppelganger Twitter
Reddit via u/honki2

We think he found the perfect photograph to represent their genetic similarities, even if he doesn't think so - and fellow Reddit users seemed to agree. One person commented, "Jawline DNA runs strong!" to which u/honki2 responded, saying, "Yes, absolutely, there's many more people with a strong jawline in my family."

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Happy Eyes

It doesn't get more father and son look-alike than this! This Reddit user uploaded a side-by-side collage of him and his father exactly 39 years apart - but still somehow looking so similar. They were both 20 years old in each respective photograph, one taken in 1982 and the other in 2021.

Family Look Alike DoppelgangerFamily Look Alike Doppelganger
Reddit via u/IneedThepiano

User u/IneedThePiano shared with his followers that he coincidentally had the "random desire to grow the exact same beard" as his father, making them look even more alike for the side-by-side shot! His followers pointed out that they both have "happy eyes." What a compliment!

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A Striking Resemblance

Unbelievably enough, 101 years passed between the taking of the first photo and the second, even though it appears to be the same person! This Redditor uploaded the photographs showing how similar she and her great grandmother really do like - despite all the time passed!

Viral Family DoppelgangerViral Family Doppelganger
Reddit via u/breadspac3

Three generations later, her family genes are so intense that she looks identical to her great-grandmother! Reddit users were dumbfounded over their beautiful similarities, but funny enough, the 2021 photo was taken after a job interview with a timer on an iPhone camera!

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Reddit users loved this one; they even joked around that u/MyLukas was a time traveler! These uncanny side-by-side images show the Redditor in 2021 with a big smile on his face posed next to his maternal grandfather, also with a big smile on his face in the 1950s.

Family Look Alike DoppelgangerFamily Look Alike Doppelganger
Reddit via u/MrLukacs

Besides the few comments about him being a time-traveler, other Reddit users could not believe it wasn't the same person. One commenter wrote, "that's your twin bro," while another simply wrote, "reincarnation." However, of all the suggested possibilities, we like time-traveling the best.

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Like Father Like Son

These family genes run deep, and we love to see it! This Reddit shared the side-by-side photo of him and his estranged father - who he only met at 17 years old. "I was told I look exactly like him. It's also weird how much you're like someone you've never met," he shared.

Family Look Alike DoppelgangerFamily Look Alike Doppelganger
Reddit via u/pedromclovin-it

From their overall facial structure to their smile and eye shape, it is clear as day that these two are related. This Redditor shared his family heritage is "Most British, but admixture shows heritage in Denmark and Spain along with some other Mediterranean countries," answering some questions on the thread!

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Who's Who?

u/ValenBeano89 knows what's up when it comes down to his family doppelganger. He even wrote "my twin" on his caption paired with the very identical photos of him and his father! His father, on the left, was 18 in the Marines when this photo was taken, and the Redditor was 21 in college.

Family Look Alike DoppelgangerFamily Look Alike Doppelganger
Reddit via u/ValenBeano89

"My father's genes run strong," the Reddit user wrote. It's almost like looking in a mirror, and Reddit users agreed. "Seriously, I thought you were showing a pic of you after you were in the forces…WOW," one user commented. While another wrote, "Which one is the father??? You both look so similar I can't tell who is who."

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