Fisher Wallace Supports New TikTok Mental Health Comedy Series


| LAST UPDATE 07/19/2022

By Lily Tipton
Unhappy, Happy, People, TikTok
@unhappyhappypeople via TikTok

Unconventional, yes, but it seems the team behind the TikTok mental health comedy series Unhappy Happy People are onto something, and Fisher Wallace Laboratories agree. News has recently surfaced that the company that founded an FDA-approved device for depression, insomnia, and anxiety is backing the TikTok series in an attempt to promote itself and trigger a new, more casual conversation around mental health. Here's everything we know...

For anyone who has yet to check out the series, the TikTok channel upload short clips of comedians taking a humorous approach to mental health. Certainly a first for a topic with much stigma surrounding it, this series breaks down misconstrued beliefs that mental health is a taboo, hushed topic. Instead, they aim to prove that through comedy, everyone can be included in the conversation and make it a more accessible topic to discuss. From hilarious jokes about being ghosted by your therapist to the lonely struggles of being the only single one in a friendship group, these comedians are taking a lighthearted approach to some very real-life situations.

Unhappy, happy, people, TikTok
@unhappy.happy.people via Instagram
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Admiring this approach, Fisher Wallace is looking to support this mission statement by backing the channel officially. "Social media is a place where we can lean in with pharma into those conversations and provide resources and support for those people who maybe are suffering silently. We can give them the help that they need," Alexandra Gilson, Vice President of paid social at CMI Media Group, said.

@unhappyhappypeople Why do therapists be ghosting us 👻 #standupcomedy #mentalhealth #standupcomedy #fisherwallace #comedy ♬ original sound - UnhappyHappyPeople

Of course, this approach is not risk-free, with many concerned it could downplay the mental health cause entirely. Senior Vice President of CMI’s social center of excellence Josh Simon, believes otherwise and insists that there is no better place than TikTok to widen the traditional dialogues around mental health. "It isn’t like the traditional social networks," he explained. "It has to feel authentic. That means showing real faces and making it feel less produced," he said. Check out the channel now and be a part of the conversation!

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