See Ricky Gervais’ Hilarious Reaction to Gig Fight


| LAST UPDATE 11/24/2021

By Scarlett Adler
ricky gervais fight funny
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It's never a dull moment when Ricky Gervais is involved. The legendary funny guy recently returned to the mic for another comedy tour. And, well, let's just say, it didn't disappoint. But why don't we just ask his audience members, who got a tad too excited? Here's what went down after a fight suddenly broke out in the audience.

ricky gervais funny fight
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The Office star recently took to the SSE Arena in Wembley, as part of his SuperNature tour. Exciting stuff, we know. But we're actually not talking about the fact that it marked two years since we last caught the comedian in action. We're talking about the fight that suddenly broke out among the rowdy audience.

supernature ricky gervais fight
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Unfortunately, the star of the show was just as taken back as we were. "Keep me informed. What's going on? Any staff? Any staff around?" Ricky suddenly asked after noticing an altercation break out before him. Of course, though, the show must always go on. Right?

As the comedian attempted to pick back up where he started, it was clear poor Gervais was flustered. And, hey, can we blame him? Luckily, that's where the crowd came into play. As the audience began to cheer for the star to carry on, he hit them back with the most "Ricky Gervais" one-liner: "What? Carry on? I must be good if I'm better than a fight!"

ricky gervais supernature funny
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Well, he isn't wrong, is he? It wasn't long before the hilarious exchange went viral, with amused fans taking to our feeds with praise of their own. "Just watched SuperNature by @rickygervais, the man acknowledged a fight in the crowd, asked staff to intervene turning it into a joke, in the span of 2 seconds. I am a fan forever," one user wrote.

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supernature funny fight gervais
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It's no surprise the guy's got endless Netflix deals and an entire fandom under his belt. I mean, who else can turn literally any situation into a laughing matter? Check out the comedian's upcoming SuperNature gigs - and hey, who knows? Maybe you'll be the next audience member exchanging back-and-forth jabs with Ricky Gervais.