Everyone Is Suddenly Realizing 'Meet Joe Black' Is Hilarious

Taran Underwood

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Meet Joe Black had all the makings of a prestige drama: Brad Pitt playing a supernatural character, Anthony Hopkins giving speeches, a three-hour run time you're expected to pretend is fine. But when it was released in 1998, none of this won over audiences or critics. Now, over twenty years later, people are finally starting to buzz over this film. Particularly how accidentally funny this scene, which you should watch all the way through with no further context, is:

Yes, this is a scene from a drama film. No, that scene was not meant to be utterly hilarious. But remember, this whole movie was made in the time before human language was converted entirely to GIFs, so filmmakers likely didn't anticipate this:

If you're horrified by this, remember: Brad Pitt is not dead, this is a movie. And this scene is completely insane for reasons beyond the fact that you can clearly tell it's a dummy being tossed between those cars. For one thing, my dude, you couldn't wait til you were across the street to look back and contemplate?

Even the toughest New Yorkers know to keep their deep reflective moments on the sidewalk, or maybe a park bench if you wanna get real fancy. The street belongs to the cars and the bicycles and the jaywalkers who know to keep moving. Like this extremely active extra:

So maybe now you're wondering why anyone saw this movie at all, considering it did not get good reviews and is, well, three hours long. Which is so long it couldn't even fit on one VHS tape.

That's right, this movie had the gall to be this long back when more data meant more physical actual space being taken up. But some people did love this movie. And those people owned it on an ancient device called a laserdisc. Which was like a DVD but comically large.

Now, for the youngs still wondering why on Earth so many people went to see this movie: you just don't know how easy you have it. See, this movie came out in 1998, seven years before YouTube was a thing.

That's right, if you wanted to see the trailer for the first new Star Wars movie in over twenty years, you had to go to the theater and buy a ticket for Meet Joe Black. And then, if you weren't willing to just get up and walk out because you'd just paid a whole $5 (which is what movies cost back then), you were subjected to this:

But hey, the cinematography and lighting are really good.