Driving Test Gone Weird: Son Caught Impersonating His Own Mom

Scarlett Adler

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Driving tests's are nerve wrecking. I get it. But impersonating your own mother when the big day comes around? That's just weird.

But for one unfortunate man, that's exactly what he did...

Heitor Schiave, a 43 year old Brazilian mechanic, had finally had enough. You see, three driving tests later, his mother, Maria, still couldn't pass her driving test. And so, he decided to take matters into his own hands, literally.

Come her fourth attempt at the test, a poorly disguised Heitor, showed up to the exam. Dressed in woman's clothes and a full face of makeup, the mechanic even sported a new 'do.

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The devoted son really went all out. He even painted his nails bright red...all to no avail.

After Aline Mendonça, his driving instructor, grew suspicious of his large hands and deep voice, she realized something wasn't right.

'I asked him to show me his identity to verify who he was and it was soon clear he was not the person who had booked to sit the test. I then called the police as his actions had to be reported as a crime', she explained.

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Heitor now faces charges of identity fraud and attempting to deceive a government body. While he's since been released on bail, detectives have opened an investigation on the daring son.

I don't know about you guys, but somehow this has just warmed my heart. Then again, do we really want someone who can't pass 3 driving tests out on the open road?

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