Drivers Find A Fortune On The Highway


| LAST UPDATE 08/09/2022

By Kayla Black

It was cloudy with a chance of cold, hard cash in Michigan. Drivers thought it was their lucky day when they were cruising down the highway and found dollar bills left scattered across the road.

Police reported that a box filled with $30,000 in cash had fallen off the back of a truck. Driving down the U.S. Highway 31, vehicles were pulling over to salvage whatever loose bills they could get their hands on.


Can you imagine how much you would hate yourself if you forgot that your cardboard box, filled with $30,000 cash, was on the bumper of your car? And you only managed to remember once the content of the box had already spewed across the highway? Well, the 24th of April was a bad day for the owner but a great one for those driving down Highway 31.

The owner of the truck, who has remained anonymous, realized what a mistake he had made when drivers began to dodge traffic just to pull over and grab some free flying money.


Eventually, $2,500 was immediately returned to the owner, but the rest had been taken or was unaccounted for. The Department of Public Safety pleaded with the public to return what they had found. Against all odds, it was reported that two 17 year olds returned $630 as well.

Following that, another woman returned $3,900.

Facebook/ Grand Haven Department of Public Safety

The police requested the public be honest and return any money they had found on the highway. There are still some good people out there some of the money was actually brought into the office.

Facebook/ Grand Haven Department of Public Safety

It is truly inspiring and comforting to know that there are honest people out there willing to hand back the money, because lets be honest, most out there might not have done the same. As for the box owner, next time its probably best to just write a cheque.