Doctors Forced To Use Phone Lights During Surgery

Taran Underwood

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Performing surgery has never, in the history of mankind, been a simple task. So just spare a thought for staff at a Brazilian hospital, who recently endured a power cut plunging the entire building into darkness.

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Doctors and nurses were forced to deal with a number of obstacles at the Maternidade Dona Evangelina Rosa hospital in Teresina, forcing doctors to perform dimly-lit operations under the aid of phone lights. The hospital explained it had a 'three phase energy supply,' but back up generators failed to recognise the power cut and as such did not supply power.

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Samuel Moreira Rego, representing the Syndicate of Doctors of Piaui (SIMEPI,) confirmed on social media that the hospital had been "working with the light from mobile phone torches." He adds "Until when are the managers going to disregard the public health system of our people? Overloaded doctors are working at the limits of stress to fulfil their mission of saving lives."

Much respect to all the staff at the hospital working under intense conditions to save lives.