Dad Is Demanding Daughter's Tuition Fees Back

Taran Underwood

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No parent is happy when their child comes home with a tattoo and no parent loves paying tuition fees either. David Harper is smart enough to make the two work in his favor!

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Star of BBC's Antiques Road Trip, David Harper, sent his daughter, Hetti, to Barnard Castle School since she was 5. He happily paid the required tuition fee throughout her schooling career. Now, like any other parent... he wants some of it back. Only he's smart enough to bring a lawyer. When Hetti came home with a tattoo of the school's motto on her chest, David decided to get creative.

Hetti was always involved in singing and music at school. By the time her school career had come to an end, she had formed a band who wanted to pay some sort of tribute to what the school had done for their music.

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Although a bit unusual, they went for the school motto 'Parvis imbutus tentabis grandia tutus' which means 'When you are steeped in little things, you shall safely attempt great things'. The band tattooed these words across their chests. 

David was obviously disappointed in his daughter for a moment. Claiming that at first he "freaked out". However, it was followed by a moment of genius.

He figured that it would be possible to request money back from the school on the grounds that her tattoo constitutes free advertising for the boarding school.

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"After I freaked out at the sight of the tattoo, I was furious that after all the money I'd spent on her education, I really didn't expect her to end up being a free walking advert for the school. However, a little later I had the brilliant idea to ask the school if they'd effectively like to sponsor Hetti in her music career and give me back some of the school fees I'd paid," David, 52, said.