Cross County Adventures For One Missing Pet

Scarlett Adler

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Time and time again, dogs give you yet another reason to love 'em. These furry friends are the only ones who'll act like you've been gone a century after a mere trip to the mailbox (sorry to disappoint ya). And we don't know where we'd be without 'em.

So naturally, if they were to ever be taken from us, we'd go above and beyond to ensure the return of our hairy best friends.

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One woman from Washington State employed this exact tactic after the disappearance of her beloved border-collie, Katie. On a breezy night in July, owners Carole and Verne King Katie were enjoying a relaxing dinner while vacationing in Montana. Sure enough, this relaxation came to an abrupt stop upon returning to their hotel room.

Their pride and joy, Katie, was nowhere to be found. Immediately, they feared the worst. The skittish pup was scared by thunder and fled the hotel. Night-goggle searches and 500 flyers later, Katie was nowhere in sight. But Carole wasn't giving up just yet.

She quit her postal job and began what would be a 2 month search for her beloved pup.

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Sure enough, one fateful September day she received a life changing phone call. A good Samaritan had spotted what appeared to be Katie behind his Country Estates home. As the hopeful pair rushed to the site, an onlooker spotted a shadow under a nearby tree. To their delight, there trembled their shaken, 12 lbs less, furry friend.

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'I just bear-hugged her, I wasn’t going to let her go,' Carole cried. 'Tears were flying, we were screaming, everybody is high-fiving, hugging...people were stopping in their vehicles...hugging us...the whole neighborhood knew that we found her.'

And so, after an emergency vet trip, many fluids and a hefty diet, the beloved pup is expected to make a full recovery. And everyone's spirits are higher than ever.

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