Comedian Richard Lewis Announces Tragic Diagnosis


| LAST UPDATE 04/26/2023

By Lily Tipton
Richard Lewis Parkinson's Disease
Allen Berezovsky via Getty Images

Comedy legend Richard Lewis took to his Twitter account on Sunday to update his fans on his health. Unknown to many, the Curb Your Enthusiasm star had been struggling for some time with this condition and felt the time had come to let the public in on his journey. "I have Parkinson's Disease," he said in the video before explaining the impact this diagnosis would have on his career. As always, he chose to see the humorous side of things, delivering his news in the lightest way he could.

"Hey, it's Richard Lewis. Hey, Listen, I've just wrapped season 12 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and it was just an amazing season, and I'm so grateful to be a part of that show," he began. "But, you know, the last three and a half years, I've had sort of a rocky time. People say, 'I haven't heard from you,' 'Are you still touring?' Well, here's what really happened," he said before detailing the numerous surgeries and brain scans he underwent. "I got diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, and that was about two years ago."

Richard Lewis Stand-Up Comedy
Tommaso Boddi/WireImage via Getty Images
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As explained by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, Parkinson's "is a progressive disorder that is caused by degeneration of nerve cells in the part of the brain called the substantia nigra, which controls movement." Research into the condition is limited, with the underlying causes still unknown. Currently, there is no cure, with medication only available to minimize symptoms. Lewis joins celebrities such as Michael J Fox and Neil Diamond, who are sufferers.

In an attempt to comfort the fanbase, Lewis noted that he luckily "got it late in life, and they say you progress very slowly, if at all. And I'm on the right meds, so I'm cool. So that's where it's been at." As for the inevitable questions about his comedic career, Richard addressed that too. "I'm finished with stand-up; I'm just focused on writing and acting," he concluded the video. "I have Parkinson's Disease, but I'm under a doctor's care, and everything is cool, and I love my wife, I love my little puppy dog, and I love all of my friends and my fans."

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