Comedian Pete Holmes Has a New Special Out on Netflix


| LAST UPDATE 10/25/2023

By Malikah Mcintosh
Pete Holmes Standup Comedian
HBO via YouTube

Comedy fans, get ready to laugh because Pete Holmes has a new special out on NetflixI Am Not For Everyone is streaming on the platform, and it's filled with hilarious stories from the comedian's life. 

From relatable potty humor to his religious upbringing to his current status as a father, Pete Holmes has delivered an hour of comedy complete with belly-aching laughs. For the first time, Holmes has made a special for the streaming platform. The standup comedian has previously made specials for HBO and Comedy Central, but he is taking his talents to Netflix this time around. If this special is anything like his others, audiences everywhere are in for a treat and an ab workout from laughing so hard. The comedian told Deadline, "I am not for everybody is the feeling I have coming home from most social gatherings, birthday parties, religious celebrations and haircuts and it's very exciting to share the observations and stories that come from that strange place."

Pete Holmes Special Comedian
Comedy Central Stand-Up via YouTube
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He continued, "With each special, I'm always trying to strike the right balance between silly, surprising, light, dark, dad stuff and deep stuff and I'm proud to say this is my favorite hour I've ever done. I sincerely hope you melonfarmers enjoy it. But if you don't, trust me, I get it." Attached as a producer is comedian Bill Burr, who recently starred in and directed the Netflix film Old Dads. This isn't the first time the comedians have worked together, either. Holmes relayed to Deadline how he opened up for Burr during his third year of performing standup. Although, he did admit that he did "very poorly." Now they have reunited once more for Holmes's Netflix debut. Holmes quipped, "Thankfully, it seems Bill has a bad memory." Additionally, the special was directed by a frequent collaborator of Holmes, Oren Brimer. 

The two have already worked together on HBO's Crashing, TBS's The Pete Holmes Show, and Holmes's previous specials, Pete Holmes: Faces and Sounds and Pete Holmes: Dirty Clean. Thankfully, I Am Not For Everyone is already streaming on Netflix, so you can pop your popcorn and get ready for a night of laughs. 

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