Comedian Iliza Shlesinger Hilariously Reveals Pregnancy


| LAST UPDATE 08/16/2021

By Scarlett Adler
iliza shlesinger pregnant reveal
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Celebrations are officially in order: Iliza Shlesinger and Noah Galuten are going to be parents! The comedian and her husband just recently broke the big news. And in typical Iliza nature? You can bet the announcement was nothing short of entertaining. Here's how it went down...

iliza shlesinger pregnancy reveal
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On Friday, August 13, as fans filled the seats of San Antonio's Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, Iliza was already 10 steps ahead of them. "Recently, I had to move a lot of tickets for a scheduling conflict... because I've been working on a very big project," the comedian began her stand-up set.

Any guess what she was referring to? Of course, it was a project 9-months-in-the-making. "You'll be able to see it in January!" Shlesinger continued before she revealed a baby bump hiding under her black tee. That's right, Iliza Shlesinger and her husband are expecting a baby girl. And while we couldn't be happier for the happy couple, we've got a pretty good feeling we won't be able to match the pregnant comedian's emotions.

iliza shlesinger stand up
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In a recent chat with People, the expecting momma revealed just how "excited and open-minded" she is about her latest chapter. And she's actually got a new superpower to thank for that: "I can unhinge my jaw and eat an entire cantaloupe in one breath," Shlesinger proudly joked of her latest pregnancy symptoms. We can't wait to see what other skills she picks up along the way...

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iliza shlesinger expecting baby
Instagram via @ilizas

But until we get to meet baby Shlesinger-Galuten, we've actually got lots to keep us entertained. In case you forgot, the Hollywood comedian recently blessed our Netflix screens in her relatable rom-com, Good on Paper. Not only did Iliza star, produce, and pen the hilarious saga - but it was actually inspired by her very own life off-screen. Yes, really. And while we won't tell you how the whirlwind of a story ends, we'll leave you with this: if it seems too good to be true, well, it probably is...

Stay tuned. And of course, congratulations to the expecting parents!