Chris Rock Announces Comedy Special Release Date


| LAST UPDATE 12/31/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
Chris Rock Netflix Comedy Special
Kevin Winter for BET via Getty Images

Another year, another round of Netflix specials is coming our way. If you found yourself re-watching the same original series the past couple of months, don't sweat it: We can now count down the days to Chris Rock's new comedy special! Here's what we know so far.

2022 is about to come to an end, yet it has been quite the year for entertainment. From The Tinder Swindler stealing our lazy couch days, the Jeffrey Dahmer chilling docu-series, a royal welcome to Bridgerton Season 2, and an upside-down viewing for Stranger Things Season 4. Yet, we can't ignore Jenna Ortega's haunting winter takeover in Tim Burton's Wednesday to finalize the fantastic year. It seems Netflix took a more sinister approach with new productions. And Chris Rock is set to change the game, kicking off 2023 with nothing but gags and laughter with his brand new live-streamed comedy special, Selective Outrage! Though his new segment has been teased among social media users in recent months, we now have an official release date.

Chris Rock Netflix Selective Outrage
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc via Getty Images
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On December 26th, both Chris Rock and the official Netflix page both posted the 30-second teaser trailer. In the posted clip, Rock is seen staring directly at the camera, waiting in his dressing room until the words, "Chris, they're ready for ya," are spoken in the background. With a few dynamic quick-cut shits, the camera follows Rock navigating his way through the backstage area and, with great suspense, ends up on stage in front of millions with direct spotlights. The words appear, "FIRST GLOBAL LIVE EVENT." According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix's VP of stand-up and comedy formats, Robbie Praw, said, "Chris Rock is one of the most iconic and important comedic voices of our generation... We're thrilled the entire world will be able to experience a live Chris Rock comedy event and be a part of Netflix history. This will be an unforgettable moment, and we're so honored that Chris is carrying this torch." The comedy special is set to release on Netflix on March 4th, 2023.

Not only is this a great milestone in comedy history and for Chris Rock's career, but it is his most noticeable comeback since the viral Will Smith 2022 Oscar slap, which he hasn't yet addressed. Will this be the moment everyone is waiting for? Will Chris finally be outspoken on the dramatic event in pop culture? In the meantime, we are setting reminders on our calendars for this up-and-coming show. We have a good feeling about this one.

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