Children's Top Career Aspirations Involve...Instagram?

Scarlett Adler

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When you were a child and possibilities seemed endless, your biggest dream might have been to be 'a rock-star' or 'an astronaut'. Nowadays, the rising obsession of social media has lured kids to an entire new field of possibilities.

And oh, how the times have changed...

Awin, a global affiliate network, surveyed 2,362 parents in the U.K.. The parents, all with kids ranging from 11-16, were asked what their children aspired to be when they grew up. And the results are quite disturbing.

'Doctor' managed to snag first place in career aspirations with a mere 18%. But in close second, came the 17% who wished to be 'Instagram Influencers'. And sure enough, in third place, came 'YouTuber', taking 14% of the votes.

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Shockingly enough, a study from Morning Consult also revealed that 86% of Americans - aged 13 to 38, too hope to be Instagram Influencers. And it's no surprise where their inspirations stem from.

The name Kylie Jenner ring a bell? At the age of 22, the reality star has already reached billionaire status, and she has her social media following to thank for that.

In fact, by the end of this year, CBS has predicted social media influencing to bud into a $6.5 billion industry.

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So, what are you waiting for? Time to milk that online money-making machine for what it's worth!

Then again, we'll stick to earning our money the traditional way...