'And Just Like That''s Cree Cicchino To Join CBS Comedy


| LAST UPDATE 04/07/2022

By Arianna Morgan
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CBS's newest comedy pilot has officially been announced! The upcoming series, Unplanned in Akron, is set to star Cree Cicchino, Connor Kalopsis, Katy Mixon, and Christopher Gorham. This teen-parenting comedy will be sure to be a family crowd-pleaser, and we can't wait to see it unfold! So let's dive right in, shall we?

Unplanned in Akron, written by Schuyler Helford (Call Me Kat) and Emily R. Wilson (Bucktown, The Conners), follows the story of Brianna and Tyler (Cicchino and Kalopsis). They are dealing with parenthood as best as possible, especially being two young teens. With a little help from friends and family, this young couple deals with the ins and outs of being parents very quickly and learns that taking care of a child isn't easy - no matter the age! Cicchino, who we met during her role in the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That, plays a quick-witted and outspoken young mom whose maturity comes from basically raising her siblings, and now she has a baby on her own. Kalopsis, who is entirely head over heels for his baby mamma, plays a young, naive, sweet father and is best known for his roles in Outmatched and The Grinder. In addition, the show added two more familiar faces to the loving Akron cast, so let's take a look at who they are!

Cree Cicchino CBS Pilot
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Katy Mixon and Christopher Gorham are joining the happy young couple on the small screen. As known for her long-time role in American Housewife, Mixon will portray Wendy, Tyler's mom, a barista where Brianna works as a cashier. Imagine working with your mother-in-law?! Hopefully, they have a cordial relationship; otherwise, things could get tricky at work. Known for starring in Covert Affairs, Gorham is set to play Jeff, Tyler's father. The supportive and loving father figure displays a great example of a whole lotta heart with a touch of gullibility - be we gotta love him!

Connor Kalopsis CBS Pilot
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Akron, Ohio is famously known as the Rubber Capital of the World, but now is home to CBS's newest comedy pilot, Unplanned in Akron! And while there are no current details on when the show is planned to premiere, stay tuned for more details as we get them.

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