Can You Guess What This Very Real Commercial Is For?

Taran Underwood

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Forget ads that try to be clever or entertaining, that is so done. And commercials that actually explain the product to the consumer? Don't make us laugh. This is not what ads are for, you ridiculous person! No, ads are for dramatic storytelling. They exist to recreate short films, but this time not for a film festival or to tell a meaningful story, it's now for the sake of creating brand awareness. It's art, but make it logos. This new style of advertisements that aren't advertisements had a lot of people on Twitter confused this week, as Twitter user Ryan Simmons shared a very confusing clip that turned out to be a commercial for a very unexpected brand.

Viewing the video, users were desperate to guess what it could possibly be an ad for. Life insurance? A dating app? Water births? But no, it's actually an ad for a thing that doesn't even show up in the ad until the very, very last moment. This, ladies and gentlemen, is an ad for Subway. The sandwich shop. Yes. It's the story of a young man's life: all his trials and tribulations, his strained relationships, his adventures, his full coming of age, all of which lead him into a Subway sandwich shop at the end. Where, we have to assume, he becomes the manager? Or... eats lunch? Who can say. All we know is we have a sudden craving for narrative arcs.