Cafe In Queensland Offers Cuddle Sessions With Border Collie Puppies


| LAST UPDATE 06/30/2021

By Molly Houghton
Collies and Co./Instagram

There are already a few cafes that are dog-friendly. So, not only do you get a lovely outing, but you might even just be lucky enough to be seated next to a cute pooch. That all sounds lovely, but it's not nearly as fun as playing with a bunch of puppies. Well, one cafe in Queensland, Australia is making dreams come true by bringing your coffee and providing you with a Border Collie puppy to play with.

Collies and Co. opened in Samford Village, just outside of Brisbane, last year. Not only is it a great restaurant with loads to choose from the menu, but they also have a few fluffy friends for you to meet.

Collies and Co./Instagram

The owners of the restaurant are in a partnership with Zaryliam Border Collies and Animal Rescue Queensland. They provide three puppy cuddle sessions which last an hour each. The times are 7a.m, 10a.m, and 1p.m.

The cafe explained that "These cuddle sessions are open to anyone, however, once we have reached maximum seating capacity we aren't able to take any further walk-ins to our sessions. Our socialization sessions are short and are designed to coincide with the puppies natural awake and playful times."

Collies and Co./Instagram

"Trained animal attendants including two qualified vet nurses, plan and oversee the sessions, monitor the interactions and closely watch for any signs of stress or fatigue. We encourage you to ask our attendants questions, get a cute photo and enjoy playing and socializing with the puppies."

Can you imagine getting your caffeine fix along with a puppy to play with? Belinda Carlisle might be right guys, heaven really is a place on earth.

Collies and Co./Instagram

The cafe says: "So we began transforming the property so it could accommodate the puppies during the day while we were working in the cafe. Quickly we saw the amazing opportunity this presented for our baby puppies, we could socialize them to traffic, different types of people, sounds, crowds, children, tradesmen, the list was endless. We also started to see the impact the puppies (and adult dogs) would have on our visitors."

Well... if you needed an excuse to go to Queensland, I think you just found it.