BTS Superfan Spends $250,000 To Resemble His Idol

Scarlett Adler

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We've seen our fair share of over-obsessive fans troll the internet with their dedicated fan pages and defensive comments. But getting cosmetic surgery to resemble their favorite star? That may seem a bit much - even for them, only it's one K-Pop super fan's reality...

Oli London, a British Instagram star, has racked up about 90 thousand followers for his quirky posts and procedures. Over the weekend, London boasted his latest work done: skin whitening injections.

'Skin injections to help my skin look more Korean. My skin tone is not as pale as Jimins so I have had some Glutathione + Vit C-Peptide injections with micro-needling to help make my skin whiter,' the shameless star revealed.

And while you might, like us, find this a bit extreme, apparently 'it's very popular in Asia for people to undergo this procedure ' London explained...Though it's usually not done to mimic K-Pop star Park Ji-min a.k.a 'Jimins'...

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But wait, it gets more interesting: this is only one of many, many operations done shared by the media star on the 'gram. In fact, London has gone through so many procedures to nail his desired look, it's cost him over $250,000 as The London Post reports.

As he shared, '"I've done my nose five times. I had cheek bone reduction. I've done jaw bone surgery. I've done chin surgery..." There's lots more he's done, but I have a feeling you're gonna want to see it for yourself...