7-Year-Old TikTok Star Joins George Lopez Comedy


| LAST UPDATE 08/21/2022

By Arianna Morgan
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Instagram via @enkyboys

Young TikTok star Brice Gonzalez will be taking his talents straight to the small screen on George Lopez's upcoming show, Lopez vs. Lopez! The seven-year-old superstar will play Lopez's grandson on the NBC sitcom, and we can't wait to see him do his thing! Here's what to expect.

For those who need a refresher - the adorable Brice and his dad Randy have gone viral on TikTok since they began posting around three years ago in 2019. The duo is known for sharing hilarious content together, mostly of movie reenactments from iconic movie scenes. In a recent video posted by the EnkyBoys, Randy shared a quick clip of Brice sharing the exciting news to their 15 million followers, "So I'm in California because I'm doing a show with George Lopez," he said. However, the young actor shared that he misses his family in Texas while in L.A. with his grandmother! You got this, Brice!

George Lopez Mayan Comedy
Rodin Eckenroth via Getty Images
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The upcoming sitcom Lopez vs. Lopez is scheduled to air on NBC and Peacock this fall, starring George Lopez himself and his daughter, Mayan Lopez. The show stars the two comedians as an estranged father and daughter duo who focus on putting their past behind them and starting fresh. Although the sitcom is fictional, the storyline does hit close to home for the two. According to Mayan, the family has their "own dysfunction like any family after a divorce," but they "all love each other." Her father admitted, "We spent years when we didn't talk," but when COVID hit, the lockdown brought them together.

@enkyboys We love you so much Brice !!!#enkyboys #enkyboy #coloncancerawareness #family ♬ original sound - Enkyboy

Like other families who reconnected during COVID, the Lopezs used the time to work on their relationship and even make a few hilarious TikToks along the way! "We really became a family again," Mayan gushed. "It's so crazy to think that really two years ago, we weren't really speaking regularly, if at all," she continued. "With the show, I'm having similar conversations, hard conversations that I've had with him or struggled to have with him - and now we're doing it on T.V. for millions of people to see. But what's so wonderful is that both of us have been through a lot of pain, but the love has always brought us together." Well, we can't wait to see George and Mayan Lopez do their thing as the comedic father-daughter duo we've all been waiting for!

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