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Blogger Would 'Rather Die Looking Hot Than Live Ugly'

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Ava Louise seemed to be living the lifestyle that most teens today aspire to have. With an Instagram page portraying a career in beauty, brands and traveling, many of Ava's followers aspire to be like her and use her as an example for self-image. However, a recent Dr. Phil episode revealed the very sad and lonely girl behind the flawless posts in an episode cleverly named 'from Insta-famous to Insta-lonely'.

Ava resembled some typical adolescent struggles and the poor coping mechanisms she's taken on as a result but, the real problem is her unbelievable arrogance to the effects she is having on others, as well as herself. Viewers were shocked by the statements given by yet another poor role model who is clearly at risk of ruining her own future...


Ava Louise is a 21-year-old aspiring celebrity living in the United States. She is a student as well as an insta-blogger who takes her handle very seriously. Ava's page is filled with pictures of herself posing in expensive clothing and showing off her thin figure.

The blogger refers to herself as 'The Skinny Legend' and has made it clear that looks are an exceptionally important part of her life.

Instagram/ @avalouiise

Behind Social Media

Ava began her quest for fame around the same time she chose to totally change her physical appearance. The bloggers claims that when she weighed 200 lb's in school, she was bullied and excluded because of her physical appearance.

The shifting point was when she decided to "get hotter" and leave her past behind. However, she seemed to pick the most mentally harming route possible.

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Chasing Perfection

Once Ava lost her weight, she began to notice other things she didn't like about herself. In a recent interview, she said: "When Kylie Jenner did her whole face, I was like, 'Holy sh%t, why am I missing out on that?'

She has since been on the hunt for quick fixes on how to achieve this perfect look she wants more than anything. Regardless if it is self-harming or not.

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The Wrong Image

Ava gained enough of a following on Instagram to be asked to promote certain products. In one of Ava's posts, she advertises the @flattummyco weight loss tea's which include appetite suppressors and meal replacements. She was only too happy to promote a product once advertised by the Kardashians.

Since this was a sign of how far she had come in fame, she saw no problem in encouraging unhealthy diet habits to very impressionable young girls and boys.

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Not Enough

At this point, Ava had around 30,000 followers who were being exposed to a very unhealthy message. She explained that "You don't realize until you are on the platform and growing, but the better looking you are, the more money you make, and you get treated differently when you look like a Bratz doll."

She continues "I have been ugly and I have been hot and I choose hot every single time".

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A Dangerous Message

The blogger openly advised her followers to take whatever pills and do whatever surgery is necessary to become "hot" because "when you're skinny and pretty you get so much more in life."

After admitting to taking laxative pills "like tictacs" in order to achieve the weight she is now because she would rather "die hot than live ugly," she submitted a video to Dr.Phil which revealed the underlying issue.

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Fame vs. Loneliness

In the video, she expresses how perfect her life is and that as a result, she seems to be losing her friends. Ava makes it clear that she believes the reason her friends are pulling away from her is a result of pure jealousy.

However, her friends explained that they can't watch her sick social media addiction and self-harming habits including drinking frequently until she blacks out.

Instagram/ @avalouiise

Good TV

Like any other intriguing Dr.Phil episode, he asks Ava drilling questions that were perhaps a little deeper than she anticipated. Her responses have since caused her to become one of the most hated people in the United States.

The interview began with Dr. Phil asking "say I met you out in the world and I was looking for a friend, what do you have to offer?"

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More Than Good Looks

"I feel like what I have to offer more than friendship than anything, is advice on how to be better. Like I have made all my friends better" she says. The blogger continues to suggest that her idea of friendship is to have someone you can go to the club with because going alone "would kind of suck."

Dr.Phil then challenges her by suggesting that she uses her friends for social publicity and Ava openly agrees, claiming they probably use her too.

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No Consequences

Ava then explains that she has used her looks to get whatever she wants. The 21-year confidently recalls a memory on New Year's Eve when she "made out with this ugly guy to get backstage at Post Malone."

She then goes on to explain how this was the best night. She proudly states that she is "the finesse queen out here." Viewers were shaking their heads in disbelief.


Black Outs

Ava's friends, Hayley and Maria, told Dr.Phil that Ava tends to drink copious amounts of alcohol with every intention of blacking out.

Dr. Phil then asks the aspiring celebrity what she thinks about the statistic of 97,000 girls per year getting date raped or assaulted because they were too drunk to think differently. However, Louise believes she's exempt from the risks because "I'm Smart".

Instagram/ @avalouiise

The Turning Point

The real breakthrough came about when she tried to defend herself to Dr.Phil saying "I'm a dumb b*tch but I ain't stupid." At that moment he responds brutally by telling her that she's not stupid and that this is simply just a cover-up and a post-trauma coping mechanism for being bullied as a child. Mixed with the unrealistic expectations of social media, Ava has essentially turned herself into a desperate attention seeker who will never be satisfied.

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Attention For The Wrong Reasons

Ava is one of many girls who struggle with body image and self-esteem issues. The dangerous part about this case, in particular, is that the younger generation will see someone who has achieved everything they want and that if they copy her methods, they may achieve this too.

As you can imagine, the social media response to Ava's mentality was less than friendly.


Two Sides

One half of social media pretty much wanted to punch Ava in the face (to put it lightly). On the other hand, the other half of her followers swear by her guidance and that's probably what makes this situation so bizarre.

After everything that was revealed on Dr.Phil, her followers are still dedicated to her and respect everything she has done to get to where she is now.


Thank You, Dr.

After this ridiculous episode, Ava gained a huge following. She now has over 110k followers on Instagram and people are calling her the new Danielle Bregoli, who shares a similar history of gaining fame after embarrassing behavior on a Dr.Phil Show. For a moment, everyone began to think that the Dr.Phil show may have done more harm than good...


Follow Up

Ava surprisingly went in for another beating from Dr.Phil in a follow-up episode which was held on 12th of September. Surprisingly, the blogger seemed to have made a remarkable turnaround. When she is asked what are her goals for the future, the 21-year-old gave responses that no one could have expected.


New Ava

Ava explains that she is thankful for the fact that her parents are paying for her education and that it would be a waste of an opportunity to get receive free education without getting a degree out of it. She also says that she has reconnected with old friends and that she truly couldn't care less about her public image. Ava honestly explains how "no one loved or believed in me [her] the way I needed it".


Bye @avalouiise

Ava goes on to say how she took down all her videos and her Instagram posts and that she doesn't really care about this "stuff" anymore. She then says how it was scary for her to come on the Dr. Phil show and act how she did in the previous episode.

But that it takes more guts to come back this time and admit that she has an underlying problem that needs attention.


A Tragic Past

Not only was Ava bullied and excluded from almost anything she tried to be a part of but, she was also sexually assaulted at a young age. It has since been easier for her to hide these problems underneath a mask which shows that life couldn't be more perfect and that she couldn't be happier.

She then adds that she knows she isn't perfect and she still has loads of work to do but at least she's on her way. Overall, the public was quite impressed with her responses.



This would have been a nice way to end the story. However, Ava's Instagram page exposed that everything she said on Dr. Phil was obviously a lie. Only 5 days ago, she released a picture where she thanks Kylie Jenner for inspiring her to plump her lips and Cosmetic Derm for inspiring her to get botox and freeze her face.


Sour Morals

The real concern here is the impact Ava is capable of having on a generation who have proven to be extremely affected by what they see on social media. Whether the Dr.Phil episodes were staged or not, the cause for concern is the threat of yet another poor role model and the outcome it could have on Ava and those who look up to her.