‘Blockbuster’ Comedy Headed to Netflix This Fall


| LAST UPDATE 08/29/2022

By Lily Tipton
Blockbuster Series Netflix Comedy
@melissafumero via Instagram

Have you had a Jake Peralta-shaped hole in your heart ever since Brooklyn Nine-Nine left our screens? Worried that there will never be a workplace comedy to fill its place? Oh, do we have good news to brighten up your Monday morning! A new workplace comedyBlockbuster, will be hitting our Netflix screens in November - and it's set to have us laughing, "no doubt, no doubt, no doubt." The best part of it all? Its cast and crew feature some Nine-Nine alums! Here's the lowdown.

The single-camera ensemble comedy will be set in America's last Blockbuster Video store. The flagship store in Bend, Oregon, represents the Blockbuster chain which lost all its corporate-owned stores by early 2014. While a few franchise stores remained, by 2019, the Oregon store was officially the last one left in the world. Given the store's monumental status and tourist fanfare, we can only imagine the chaos that will ensue on our screens.

Blockbuster Store Netflix Series
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Melissa Fumero (AKA Detective Amy Santiago) will take on the role of Eliza: a mother who quit Harvard shortly after starting in order to start a family. She now works at the Blockbuster store as second in command. The manager, Timmy Yoon (Randall Park), passionately runs the store, believing firmly in their mission to remind the community that local stores provide a level of human interaction that big corporations don't. The rest of the Blockbuster team includes a movie-loving son of immigrants, a social butterfly mother figure, a scary teenager with no respect for authority, and Timmy's stylish, over-confident best friend.

The ensemble cast includes Tyler Alvarez as Carlos Herrera, Madeleine Arthur as Hannah Hadman, and Olga Merediz as Connie Serrano. J.B. Smoove and Kamaia Fairburn will also play recurring guest characters Percy and Kayla Scott. The show was created and produced by Vanessa Ramos, who previously worked with Fumero as a writer and producer on seasons six and seven of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This begs the question, can we expect some more 99th precinct cameos? Time will tell! Blockbuster's first season of 10 30-minute episodes will drop on November 3rd! Stay tuned.

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