Big Poppa The Bulldog, Has Officially Just Won Over Our Hearts

Scarlett Adler

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"I heard Pop on the patio whining, and then he just sat down and dropped his head," Rashida Ellis told Insider.

Sure enough, after her quarantine partner - a 3-year-old English bulldog - was snapped sulking by the balcony, it was only a matter of time before he took the internet by storm.

It all started after Rashida's furry friend "noticed two children outside — they're brothers — that Pop plays with sometimes on his walk," as she put it. But while the playful children blissfully took to the sidewalks, our excluded canine was locked indoors, as he self-isolated with his Atlanta-based owner.

And so, after capturing this heart-breaking moment on Twitter, it's no surprise Rashida landed her adorable little family overnight fame.

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On April 22nd, the uplifting post was shared. Today, it stands with a whopping 94 thousand retweets and over 825 thousand likes.

"I posted the picture and thought nothing of it," Ellis revealed. But if there's one thing visible here, it's that "Pop loves children more than anything in the world." And that's why we simply can't get enough of him.