Amelia Dimoldenberg Set to Host Comedy Makeover Show


| LAST UPDATE 12/09/2021

By Conner Goodman
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@ameliadimz via Instagram

Amelia Dimoldenberg is well known for her popular Youtube series, Chicken Shop Date, with some of the videos receiving a few million views. From guests like Giveon, Finneas, Ed Sheeran, and more, it's clear the comedian is very talented. Now, she will be blessing us with her humor as the host of a new makeover television series. Here's everything you need to know.

When filming Chicken Shop Dates, Dimoldenberg takes her participants to eat at a fried chicken restaurant, and there she begins asking sometimes awkward yet exciting questions. The 27-year old is popular for her sarcastic, bold jokes, which hilariously leave the celebs she interviews stunned. For example, during her episode with rapper Jack Harlow, he admitted he would like to one day have "eight daughters." She responded by saying it was a bit too many children, in a judgemental but teasing tone. Harlow wasn't sure what to say, so he replied, "Okay, that's my answer." The funny gal even got the What's Poppin artist to confess his type in girls, his best pickup lines, and the most romantic thing he's ever done. It's evident that Dimoldenberg vibes with the stars and gets them to open up.

amelia dimoldenberg comedian show
@ameliadimz via Instagram

And now, it's been announced that the youtube sensation will be hosting a new show, where participants will be provided with a makeover. The twist? The contestants won't be just anyone; she will be picking out comedians, singers, and actors to "fix." Celebrity Rebrand will bring in celebrities so Dimoldenbergs can "rebrand" them. The satirical comedy will help the stars have a better image in the public eye. They claim to, "Take your brand and catapults it to the next level."

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The first look video showed the British host trying to give Jimmy Carr a glow-up, pushing Clare Balding to let her wild side come out, and helping Jamie Laing clean up his reputation. She explained her excitement, "I take my role as Celebrity Brand Visionary very seriously. I can't wait to get my hands on some of Channel 4's talent and really get to know them, so I can totally transform every single thing about their brand. Thank goodness for me!" Hopefully, she can really amp up some of these stars.