After Student's Mugshot Goes Viral, She Decides To Start Her Own Make Up Range

Taran Underwood

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Marshala Perkins is a former student from Texas A&M Commerce University. She has always been a little bit of a trouble maker, but was otherwise a typical teenager who loved makeup and fashion.

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On the 6th of February, the 19-year-old was arrested for possession of two grams of marijuana. “I sat in my car for like two minutes waiting on my friends and while I was waiting, a police car pulled up right behind me,” said Perkins. Prior to her arrest, she had been sitting in her dorm room working on a makeup tutorial, which something she often loved to do.

In April, the Twitter account called 'Mugshot Baes' posted Marshala's mugshot which went on to receive over 11 000 likes. Most of the comments she received were complimenting her on how beautiful she is as well as, her unbelievable makeup skills. “I just want to know what eyeshadow palette she used because it is poppin!” a makeup aficionado said.

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"Why does this mugshot look so fierce?!” another person tweeted.

After spending the night in Hunt County Jail after her arrest, Perkins was released the very next day and had to pay $2,000 in court fees during a six-month probation period. Since then, her viral mugshot has won her a bit of fame. her Instagram account has over 5000 followers and she announced that her own makeup range could be in the pipeline.

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Marshala said that “Now it’s turned into something so positive so I’m just going to embrace it and see where it takes me.”