Adam Sandler Is Back on Tour, and He's 'Missed' Us!


| LAST UPDATE 09/19/2023

By Evelyn Martinez
Adam Sandler Standup Tour
Lisa Lake / Stringer via Getty Images

It's hard for any comedian to stay away from a microphone for too long; there's always something bringing them back to a quiet stage and endless comedic opportunities. And he wouldn't be the Adam Sandler if he didn't look for any chance to grab his guitar and sing 'Happy Hannukah.' Sandler is back for another tour around Northern America. With twenty-five new shows, the "I Missed You" Tour is sure to be precisely that: Sandler missing the stage and us absolutely loving every second he gives us.

Sandler recently appeared alongside his two daughters, Sadie and Sunny, in the Netflix comedy film You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah. Sandler also produced the film and, with a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, he is clearly riding the film's success with the tour's announcement. 

Adam Sandler Batmitzvah Movie
Matt Winkelmeyer via Getty Images
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The actor and comedian, now 57, has had a long and prosperous run and has shown no sign of slowing down. Under the Happy Madison production company label, Sandler has produced over 60 films, earning a total international revenue of $3.9 billion. On top of his comedy film choices, Sandler has taken a recent interest in more dramatic films with roles in The Meyerowitz Stories (2017), Uncut Gems (2019), and Hustle (2022). However, that hasn’t stopped Sandler’s commitment to the Grown Ups films, and just about any opportunity to perform alongside his old gang of Saturday Night Live castmates.

Considering the reach of the tour from Vancouver to Texas, fans were surprised that Sandler won't be performing in Los Angeles or New York City, especially considering he has residences in both and a definite fan base on the East Coast. Perhaps we can expect another round of shows in New York or even New Hampshire, Sandler's hometown. Starting in Vancouver, Sandler will go down the West Coast, performing in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California before going through the Midwest in Nevada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, and Utah. Then Sandler will take his tour to the southern states, starting in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas and finishing his tour back in the west in Colorado. LiveNation announced the tour earlier this week, and tickets will be available on Thursday from the LiveNation website and on Friday for general admission.

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