Adam Sandler and Dana White Team Up for New Comedy Series


| LAST UPDATE 06/08/2023

By Riley Hammond
Adam Sandler UFC comedy
Steven Ferdman / Stringer via Getty Images

Dana White and Adam Sandler are teaming up to bring you a comedy series about the UFC that will make you laugh until you cry. Yes, you read that right – the guy who made the UFC into one of the most popular sports in the world is joining forces with the guy who brought us classics like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. This is like when peanut butter met jelly, except it's even better.

Dana White is known for his exceptional promotional skills, and for turning the UFC into a powerhouse sports organization. But did you know he's also got a secret talent for making people laugh? Well, okay, maybe it's not so secret anymore, since he's teaming up with Adam Sandler to make a comedy series set in the offices of the UFC. During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, White spilled the beans about the upcoming show, which promises to be a laugh riot. "We're also working on a show right now with Adam Sandler that's a comedy about working in the offices of the UFC," he revealed. And we couldn't be more excited.

Dana White UFC comedy
Icon Sportswire / Contributor via Getty Images
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Now, you might be thinking, "Adam Sandler? Isn't he past his prime?" But let us remind you that this is the man who brought us Uncut Gems and Hustle, two critically acclaimed films that showed off his dramatic chops. Plus, he still knows how to make us laugh, as evidenced by his recent Netflix hit Hubie Halloween. So don't count him out just yet. But back to the matter at hand: a comedy series about the UFC. Can you imagine the hijinks that will ensue in the behind-the-scenes world of one of the most physically demanding sports in the world? We're picturing something like The Office, but with more grappling and less stapler-stealing. And of course, with Dana White at the helm, there will be no shortage of drama and excitement.

We don't have all the details yet – like when the show will premiere, or what platform it will be on – but one thing's for sure: we're already counting down the days until we can binge-watch this bad boy. So get ready to see the UFC like you've never seen it before, folks. This is going to be one comedy series that drives fans crazy – in the best way possible.

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