9-Year-Old Instagram Blogger Has Brands Begging To Work With Her

Taran Underwood

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Instagram has given thousands of people a new career, we hear about new influencers and bloggers every day. However, it's pretty rare to hear of a 9-year-old that's taken the game by storm. Little Nuala has racked up over 10k followers on her handle.

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Nuala's mom said that her little superstar has many brands "begging to work with her." Her sudden success sparked from an account she created called 'Fashion Blog By Nuala'. At the time, it was just something she did for fun.

Nuala goes to school like a normal kid and comes home to tons of gifts from different companies and brands wanting her to take pictures with their products including Schuh, who invited her down to the relaunch of the newly extended Liverpool store in the summer with gift vouchers to spend in the store.

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In September, she was also invited to walk the catwalk at London Fashion Week for high profile brands including Lulu et Gigi Couture and Marie Belle Couture.

Mum Danielle is exceptionally proud of her daughter saying, "Nuala has done so well, she loves what she does and really enjoys her blogging. She gets invited to so many events and shows because of her account and she is loving meeting different celebrities such as Giovanni Spano, Myleene Klass, and Gillian McKeith."

The family can't believe how their daughter has progressed in the industry.

"It just started last year as a hobby - she's always loved getting her picture taken and it just grew from there. It's funny because away from the camera she is very shy but put a camera in front of her and she comes alive, she's very photogenic."

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Nuala currently attends LIPA performing arts school in Liverpool, Merseyside. She hopes to become an actress and is already being represented by an agency. Her mom said that "She loves the modeling, but she's also very keen on the acting. She's attended a few workshops put on by her agency and one she loved was learning to master the American accent."

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Nuala shows no signs of slowing down and if this is what she's achieved by 9-years-old, there's a lot to come for this little celebrity.

Her mum said that "Nuala is very focused in everything she does. She's done so much in the last 12 months with frequent visits to London for events and auditions. We are excited to see what the next year brings."